2007 Technologies of Programming the Human Mind

When we talk about computer brain interfaces many fundamentalist religious folks just cringe. Yet we all know this is coming soon and it is not just Sci Fi Authors like Stephen Baxster, Arthur C Clarke or Isaac Asmiov discussing this anymore. Many Futurists, neurologists and artificial intelligence programmers are as well.

Some say such human programming of the mind is already going on and it is indeed in its self a huge problem. For instance the radical fundamentalist Islamic International Terrorists as they imprint the minds of those they recruit. Psycho-cybernetics is not a new idea really and generally those in sports, business, politics and other human endeavors do this all the time.

So, what if we could imprint success, initiative, perseverance and integrity into our populations rather than drowning them in political correctness using mass media hysteria? I mean it sure beats Prozac, fear, religion and all the sound and fury on the TV? The thought would be to imprint future memory into little humans so they have the skills, confidence and belief to achieve, pretty powerful concept right? Yes, but is it possible?

I believe it is very possible and let me tell you why; First I recently had this thought and question.


Then just the other day someone else answered my question with this report;


Now then using psycho-cybernetics, we should program humans to WIN, in sports, life, relationships, military or business. How? By using an fMRI scanner and projecting electromagnetic impulses into their exact brain regions while watching Virtural Reality so they are imprinting the future event and that significantly ups the percentage of success in that endeavor? For instance hitting a target with a Stealth fighter and more accurate bombing runs, mean more safety, less losses and fewer sorties.

We are imprinting future memory into little humans. So they can do what is needed. It means safer bus drivers, better workers, etc. Thus we can control the future, human performance, efficiency of workflow (business), safety (aviation, transportation), profits (corporations), war (survivability, Olympic sporting events. This could be the edge for Athletes to win and believe, by programming the win in advance of the event. Scared yet? What say you? This can be done using this technology and so I am making this my Thought for the Day! And I sincerely hope this propels thought in 2007.

Author: Lance Winslow