4 Features Attorney Websites Should Have

At a minimum, lawyers need viable websites that can allow potential clients to contact them after learning more about them. Many clients (if not all) will want to find out more about a law firm before contacting or hiring. Even though having a captivating website is no guarantee that you will get an overwhelming number of clients coming your way, not having a decent website will mean that potential clients are more likely to contact the next lawyer on their list. To ensure that many of those who will visit your website will be impressed enough to hire you, it’s important that you incorporate a number of features into it. The following are the 5 features that should be included in attorney websites.

Responsive Website Design

A responsive website design is basically a website design technique that renders the best possible visual of your website across a variety of devices, from desktops and laptops, to smart-phones and tablets, to smart-watches and smart-glasses. The advantage of having a responsive design is the fact that people using different types of mobile devices will be in a position to access the information they need in a seamless manner.

A Variety of Contact Options

To ensure that potential clients won’t wander off to the next attorney websites, you must make sure that your contact information is easy to find. Ensure that your contact information, i.e. your phone number, address, email and link to your contact page are clearly located on the upper part of your website where it can be easily seen. You can also have the contact information on the footer to ensure that those visitors who will be interested in reading your contact in-depth will be in a position to find your contacts on any section of the page.

Written and Video Based Customer Testimonials

Those attorney websites that integrate written and video testimonials are known to attract more potential customers. It’s highly important that the testimonials be genuine. Posting fake reviews will not only harm your law firm’s reputation, but it can land you to serious problems such as being charged a huge fine. If possible, put up pictures of clients that have given testimonials, as well as their contact information. This will make your testimonials believable and it will win over your clients’ trust.

A Clear Firm Directory with Lawyer Biographies

It is also crucial for attorney websites to provide easy-to-use law firm directory with in-depth lawyer biographies. The attorney bios should include social media links and V-Cards. They should enable clients to find about the special practice areas that each attorney specializes in, their experience, as well recommendations for similar work performed in the past.

Many do not know what kind of information they should give or leave out from their attorney websites. You might feel compelled to give out information about the law school you went to, list of all the courts and bars you have been admitted to, or the number of judges you have clerked for. The information may be relevant, but what most clients want to find out is whether you have enough experience doing exactly what they need you to do, what kind of work are you really good at and what your clients say about you. Giving such information on your website will boost your chances of converting mere website visitors into potential clients.

Author: Subhakar T