5 Transformational Apps for iPhone Users

Your iPhone might already be loaded with many popular apps but there is still a chance that you can discover more. There are many apps in the App Store but then there are apps that will help transform your iPhone into one interesting gadget.

Given here is a list of 5 such apps that will give you more to do with your iPhone:


If you are the one who is keen on learning new things then Snapguide is the right app for you. This app will help you improve your culinary skills; give you a chance to learn playing a piano and much more. This app comprises collection of how-to guides that are arranged in different categories. The interface is beautiful and easy to work with. When searching for specific guides you can optimize it with genre or even create your discrete custom category.

Customize it

Android phones are customizable but how about your iPhone that is still not the way you want it to be. Well, this certainly can be fixed with Iconical app that will cost you just $1.99. This app gives you the ability to customize icons of your apps, after downloading this app you will be able to change all the icons of your software as per your preferences. Your home screen will look the way you want it to. Additionally, it would be easier with this app to create shortcuts of your apps. This way it would be relatively easier for you to compose e-mail or Tweet with one tap.

Weather Forecast

Often, you would wish that you would be able to know the weather forecast before you travel. Another thing would be instead of the boring interface it would be nice to see something dynamic and accurate. Dark Sky is just the app that fulfills all your criterion. It features beautiful outlay of the weather that is depicted in myriad colors. You will get hourly and even last minute accurate predictions for the day. The ability to tune into real-time radar is fascinating that will help you with the storm course along with notification alert for your location. With iOS 7 you will be able to get 24×7 forecast depicting global maps.


For those who travel abroad and are often in a fix when it comes to reading menus or communicating in native language of the foreign land they need CamDictionary. This app is available for $4.99 and helps you translate into 16 different languages. When you are in a restaurant you just need to hover your camera above the text and the app does the rest. Text to speech support is also available in this app for user convenience. This app contains Collins dictionaries that support Russian, Chinese, German, Japanese, and many more languages.

Finding Answers

It is always your curiosity to learn and know something new that makes you question things. For keen learners there is an app called Jelly. This app makes learning easy and fun for anyone. All you need to do is snap a picture of the thing and post a question. Other users who are on Jelly will help you discover it by answering to your query. This way you are globally connected to users online as well as get all kinds of info on your fingertips.

Author: Polly Uma Simpson