8 Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Graphic Designer

  1. Time to focus on your day-to-day business, instead of managing your project and Designer. An experienced Designer works without supervision, manages the Design process, and keeps the Client updated and involved when necessary.
  2. Knowledge of what Marketing strategies will work for your business. By recommending tried-and-true Marketing strategies that have proven successful for other Clients, an experienced Designer can save you from wasting time and money on creating pieces that do not produce results.
  3. A strong strategic vision for your business. These Designers are trained to solve complex visual communication problems, and together with a Marketing Strategist, can present you with a long-term plan for marketing your business.
  4. The ability of doing more with less. Everyone is trying to get the most for their money these days. And, a Designer who has been in the industry for awhile knows the “tricks” to stretching your dollar. An experienced Designer can recommend design, web and printing methods that will save your business time and money.
  5. Creativity. Duh.
  6. Innovation. Experienced Designers keep up with the latest technology and marketing trends. That way, you can be confident your piece will not become quickly outdated and difficult to update. And, you don’t have to do any research yourself.
  7. Adaptability. Marketing goals and project requirements change. An experienced Designer expects this, will roll with the punches, and keep the project going with an enthusiastic smile.
  8. Integrity. In a recent study conducted by Graphic Design USA (Aug.12, 2008 ENewsletter), integrity ranked higher than creativity, as the single most essential quality that people seek in a Creative Leader. An experienced Designer will always have the Clients interests in the forefront of their minds.

Hopefully, these benefits of hiring a more experienced Graphic Designer have convinced you not to hire cousin Mike (or any other inexperienced Designer) to design Marketing materials for your business. Your business’ success is hinged upon your marketing strategy, and how well that vision is executed and presented to your audience. Professional Marketing and Design is an investment that will pay off over a relatively short period of time.

Author: Danielle Mai