A Note on Offshore Software Development Services

Technology is advancing at a very rapid pace currently. New areas and segments are being discovered and exploited on a daily basis. Businesses are always looking forward to technology for acquiring solutions to help them in their business activities. Software solutions are being created and deployed for various sections for organizational working. These solutions enhance various business activities and processes of the company and thus help in reducing the overhead operational cost of the company. Software solutions are required to automate business processes, provide better flow of business operations, create effective communication channels in the organization and helps management in making important decisions.

Organizations usually take the help of an offshore development company to fulfill their software requirements. An offshore development company can help organizations in identifying their requirements and provide solutions accordingly. If you partner with the right development company then chances of acquiring a highly effective solution are almost assured. Just make sure that the organization has a long and impressive presence in the industry and there are other organizations (their past clients) that can vouch for them. Also make sure that the organization has resources and capability to work on technologies required for your projects.

One thing that organizations must keep in mind is that technology is going to change soon and changes will be required in the software in near future. They must make sure that the solutions are designed such that future requirements and changes can be easily accommodated into them. A capable development company will be able to suggest and create solutions that are highly scalable so as to accommodate changes required in the future. The IT outsourcing model is highly beneficial for clients but they must be careful in choosing their partner.

Some of the most relevant software development services are:

a). Custom Software Development
b). Enterprise Application Development
c). Software Consulting
d). Application Development
e). System Integration
f). Mobile Application Development

These are some of the most prevalent services that are outsourced to offshore development companies. These companies are highly experienced and have expertise in creating business centric solutions that are built around the exact requirements of the client. The high competition and lower economy of developing countries allows organizations from developed countries to acquire cost effective solutions that would have otherwise been very costly.

Organizations should acquire a little knowledge about the development procedure before they opt for software development outsourcing. This would ensure that they are able to understand and manage the flow of development process. The general software development life cycle consists of following processes:

Project analysis: This step is also called the requirement gathering process. All the requirements and functionality of the software are documented in this step.

Design: A design for the software is created here. This design contains all the details and functionality of the software. How the software will look and work is defined in this step.

Development: The actual development of the components of the software is done here.

Testing: The solution is tested for any errors, bugs or shortcomings.

Implementation: The solution is integrated and applied in the organization. The deployment, installation and initialization of the software takes place in this section.

Maintenance: Every software requires some or the other maintenance work after it is implemented. The maintenance phase may stretch from few weeks to many years depending on the nature of the project.

The most critical factor for a successful solution is hiring the right development partner. Once you have a capable offshore development company as your partner, the rest of the journey will be easy.

Author: Chris T Miller