Android Apps – When is Free Actually Free?

If you are a newbie Android smart phone user you have most likely joined millions of others partaking in the growing app craze. No doubt you have heard from friends and family or seen commercials on TV about all the great features these phones offer. Your Android came with some apps and games but these barely scratch the surface of what this device can do. The challenge for you will be in deciding which apps you will want to have on your device. As with most electronic gadgets you will have limitations on memory so your choices will be important for you.

As you search the internet for applications and games you will find that many vendors offer a variety of “free” products. Your dilemma will be in finding candidates that are worthy of space on your Android. To explain, many software developers and vendors work to monetize the so-called “free” stuff. In some cases the “free” app may be a demo or “lite” version with limited functionality or may be filled with some type of marketing material. For some this may be acceptable but if you want anything that is actually “free” you will need to be patient and willing to take the time to search for what is right for you.

Below is a short list of free apps that are fully functional with no marketing material:

a. Space War by Virtual GS

b. Klondike Solitaire by Softick

c. iSafe by Navee Technologies LLC

d. SocialDROID by MF Team (ready for Twitter & FollowME!

e. The Weather Channel for Android

f. Bible by

Here are a few apps that are “lite” versions but still offer great functionality:

a. Colorix Lite by Awesome Software S.A.

b. AstroClock Lite by Arno den Hond

Author: Richard J Wilson