Anthony Robbins and NLP

Anthony Robbins is one of the leading teachers of NLP, or “Neuro Linguistic Programming”. Although he has been responsible for introducing the concept to so many people, there are many who don’t take him seriously. They consider him more of a popular showman. But you can’t deny his expertise in the field, and there is much to be learned from him. I have attended most of his workshops, and I have benefited greatly from them.

Tony Robbins has been so successful in his life because he has practiced the first principle of NLP – modeling. Early in his life he was a student of John Grinder. After Tony attended one of John Grinder’s seminars, he approached John and told him that he saw how important the concept of “modeling” was. He said that he was willing to work at this, and asked what particular project he could recommend. Grinder told him to try firewalking. He took this to heart and became one of the best modelers in the world.

Anthony Robbins achieves results. He uses standard NLP techniques, but he also has slightly different methods that he has come up with. During his interventions with people he shows that he is fully committed to helping his subject make real changes. He is able to move people to a place where they can realize their inner potential.

Tony stresses the importance of one’s physiology. He believes strongly that the body must be healthy for the mind and spirit to be happy and productive. John Grinder was also a proponent of strengthening the physical side of people in order to help them strengthen their minds. They both understand that mind and body are connected, and that a weak physiology will stand in the way of achieving success in life.

Do some research on John Grinder. Richard Bandler is the more famous of the two co-founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming, but I think Grinder better represents the principles of NLP. His health and vitality are evident at his seminars, and he is able to captivate his audiences with his eloquence. Tony studied with John Grinder and has become a great teacher. Some may say he is not the best teacher of NLP, but he has certainly achieved more popular acclaim than Bandler. No one can doubt Anthony Robbins’ success.

John Grinder is a great model for NLP. He is over sixty years old and is still very active physically. He is involved in rigorous activities such as scuba diving and climbing. He may not be as good a speaker as Bandler, but Bandler lacks Grinder’s vitality. I believe Grinder is the real directing power behind the NLP movement. Tony Robbins has followed Grinder’s example, and this is what led to his remarkable success.

Many people may dismiss Anthony Robbins’ abilities as a teacher of NLP, but in my opinion there is no better model for a person to have. He has become successful himself, and he improved the lives of millions of other people. It is a mistake to consider him merely a showman.

Author: Selina Eng Rui