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App Dev Secrets training videos are split into four weeks. The training program a reasonable price and offers an opportunity in making money with the skill you learn. There is a $1 trial offer for people doubting the program will work for them. There is a huge market in the app store and app are on high demand being downloaded millions of times. I broke down the weeks that this  app   development  program provides.

Week 1

Being an expert in  app   development  does not happen overnight, you will have to start somewhere. This week teaches the basic information and different areas of application and game development. The program start off by having you create a “hello world” application, which starts you off in creating your first game. Mike introduces a tool called Cocos 2D toolkit, which is an easier way to develop games. Week 1 also discusses how to debug an application using Adobe Flash CS5.

Week 2

Introduces advanced  app   development  tools like Cocos 2D toolkit, iWebkit, and xCode. Cocos 2D is an easy to use software, which helps you create a game. iWebkit teaches hot to create your own app website. xCode is a program for creating an application, which Apple’s App Store uses. During this week Mike discusses 2D and 3D diting software for application and game development. App Dev Secrets pretty much holds your hand and walks you through each process.

Week 3

Finishing touches on your first iPhone application. Mike goes through different examples how to make sure you develop your app correctly. By this week you will be an expert in using the  app   development  tools.

Week 4

Teaches people the most important step in learning on how to make money. The program shows the process in learning how to market, get traffic, and sell your game in the App Store.


  • Learn how develop an iPhone app in 3 weeks.
  • Teaches the business of  app   development .
  • Teaches everything you need to learn to create an application.
  • Takes you through each step by step process in selling your application.
  • Beat out the newbie competition in the App Store.
  • The course is very organized and keeps you on track.


  • There is a lot of materials to learn.
  • Very time consuming and you can’t develop an app overnight.
  • New materials, which will be hard for some people, which don’t like to work.
  • The format in many of the videos is unusual.

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Author: Adolfo Rodriguez