Apps Are Everywhere

Apps, or applications, are most often associated with the newer generations of smart mobile phones, but they also form the basis of much of what we do on the PC.

Every time a calculator, document, instant messaging or other activity is used on the PC the computer programme that makes it possible is an application or app.

There are many types of application software, including suites that offer multiple functions in one package, such as business software, enterprise software, of which an example is a customer relationship management package, educational software and entertainment packages.

As mobile phones become more and more sophisticated they have the power to run many processes that were historically only possible on a PC. Mobile apps were originally intended for email, calendar and contact databases, but have rapidly expanded to include such activities as mobile games, GPS, banking, order-tracking, and ticket purchases. Nowadays when people talk about apps, they are generally

These apps are distributed by the owners of platforms compatible with specific mobile devices, such as Apple iPhone or Blackberry. The platform owners will typically charge a fee for download and the rest of the charge is paid to the developer of the app, but there is also the Android Market operated by Google which distributors using the open source Linux-based Android system and often offers free apps for download. They can also be distributed via cloud computing or Web 2.0 applications.

The demand for mobile phone apps particularly has escalated dramatically and it is estimated that millions are downloaded every day.

They cover every conceivable interest and use and are designed to order by application developers, many of the best of whom are developers in India, which is generally acknowledged to be the home of some of the most innovative app developers in the world.

A typical mobile app that would appeal to a group of users with a shared interest would be a cricket app that gives enthusiasts live scores, match results, schedules player profiles, perhaps links to social networking sites, the opportunity to follow a favourite player or post comments on a wall or comments on Facebook.

Fantasy football leagues are another popular option or multiplayer games that can be played online against other players.

However, all sorts of industries and businesses will have specific uses for apps and a good application designer will be able to design an application either for the web or mobile phone to the customer’s particular needs.

Author: Ashwani Pratap Mall