Basic Website Development Considerations

What is Website Development?

When we talk about website development, we are talking about more than just the initial creation of a website. It can also be defined as any actions that either promote your website to drive traffic or something that makes the site more appropriate for your audience and effective in communicating your message. The use of web developers for website content or professional site optimization may be necessary to pull this feat off properly.

The Website Development Process

Each stage of the web development process is geared towards meeting the same goal — generating solid leads. Getting good leads for your online business requires an excellent website. The website development process helps you accomplish that goal. Search engine optimization is indispensable in helping you accomplish the goals of your website development. Websites that rank higher in search engine results have a greater likelihood of actually getting visited. Attracting more visitors creates more leads to build your business.

Search Engine optimization

Identifying critical words and phrases is a key to search engine optimization. You will plan your SEO strategy with your web developer. Using the correct keywords will increase your position in search engines. Keyword “tags” are not enough; for good search engine optimization, you must also use the words in the text of your website. In this way the process of search engine optimization becomes more effective. Remember to discuss this when you work with your web development team.

Use Javascript or Flash on your website?

Everyone knows that if a website is written in flash or Java script it is harder for the search crawlers to find. This is another area in which you will require some assistance from the web development team. With their help, you’ll be able to generate content in alternate formats that search crawlers will easily index so search engines will produce results that are effective.


Whether it be search engine optimization, developing content, coding, or designing the site, each stage in the web development process is geared towards attracting quality traffic to the website, ultimately generating better rates of sales for your web-based business.

Author: Stephen Grisham Sr.