Becoming a Web Designer From Scratch

The world of web design and development has become quite a high demand service over the past few years. It is a forever changing and adapting business environment that keeps the designer on their toes and creates opportunities for them to express their creative design abilities. Myself entering this new world at complete chance and increasing my skills on my own from scratch (which I think is usually the best way!). I would be lying if I said it was not a challenge as it was, but the knowledge I have acquired has proven to be very rewarding at times.

Anyone looking to become a web designer, I would definitely recommend getting your hands on anything you can software wise, learning the basic HTML code using Dreamweaver or Notepad++, getting a grasp of the CSS styling and teaching yourself how to use Photoshop, Fireworks or even the free graphical editor GIMP if you are on a budget! If possible I would start using Photoshop as soon as you can. This will save you a lot of time as you will most likely end up using Photoshop in the end anyway. It gives access to what I would describe as the best graphical and photo editing software on the market. At first it can seem almost impossible to use but yet again the only way to really learn this program is to just get in and do it.

While you are learning, a very useful site to help guide you and explain HTML code is, which explains all uses of the HTML element you are searching for and sometimes provides you with a live test run of the code at work, this allows you to better understand the effect of the element. There are many things to learn but most are easy to pick up. I would be surprised is someone knew all the different HTML elements usable to date, so do not become overwhelmed!

Once you have these tools at your fingertips the sky is the limit. Get yourself buried in the code and try to come up with your own basic little website to show off what you can do. This is how I did it and now I am a full time web designer, getting myself short listed and through my first interview in just under a year from the time I started learning.

More and more individuals and businesses are trying to make their mark on the web, this means much more potential clients for you as a web designer, just another reason why to become one! If you feel that you have a good creative spark then you will probably find it easy and fun to come up with new and interesting designs for people to use and view.

I to be honest also see web designing as a hobby, it is a great way to keep the brain active and maybe earn yourself a little money in the process as well.

If you work hard and learn fast you will be banging out brand new stylish websites before you know it!

Author: Jamie E Read