Best Programming Languages Running On The DOT NET Framework

About the .NET framework

A revolutionary technology, .NET has helped businesses around the world in dealing with the accelerated and dynamic website requirements presented by modern commercial ventures. These applications are largely used in the creation of flexible and robust websites.

With the use of this technology, there has been a significant shift in the global technology paradigms. This has enabled developers to build highly scalable and reusable functionalities available across a network irrespective of the associated platform. It can be easily used by software developers for rearranging, reusing, and integration with highly successful solutions. This reduces the time and effort required in pushing them to the market or delivering significant solutions to the clients.

Best programming languages running on the .NET framework

Let us now take a look at some of the popular programming languages in use that work based on the Microsoft.NET development framework.


ASP.NET is part of the.NET development framework. It allows access to classes in this framework using this platform. There is a facility for writing a code in any language that is compatible with the Common Language Runtime (CLR) which includes C# and Microsoft Visual Basic. Benefit from inheritance, type safety, and common language runtime are some of the features of development using ASP.NET.

Visual Basic.NET

A powerful and modern programming language, Visual Basic.NET makes use of numerous true OOP concepts such as abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, overloading, and inheritance. It is a robust language that makes use of such features as fixed variable declaration types, initialization and declaration of variables, and strict type checking. Visual Basic.NET, popularly known as VB.NET, is much easier to learn and use. Applications made using this development framework are built on the CLR services and make the most of the advantages on offer from this .NET framework.

Visual C#.NET

Visual C# development is hugely benefited by the popular Microsoft framework and makes use of the CLR services. A simple, elegant, and object-oriented programming language, C# was developed specially for building distinct applications. It simplifies the complex aspects involved with C and C++ such as structured exception handling, enumerations, overloading, namespaces, and classes.

Visual C++.NET

Visual C++.NET is regarded as the future of the programming language developed by Microsoft. For building applications for the World Wide Web and Microsoft Windows, developers have always regarded this as the best language. It offers various important libraries such as Microsoft Foundation Classes, ATL Server Library, and Active Template Library. Microsoft Foundation Classes are a set of classes that support an application that is written for the Windows API. The ATL Server Library Classes are used for creating various server applications such as Web Services and Web applications. Active Template Libraries, on the other hand, are a set of template-based C++ classes used for COM objects.


By working with this development framework from Microsoft, .NET developers are able to offer an uncomplicated, ordered, and compatible programming structure. This helps users in working with both complicated as well as easy website structures. It allows you to avail such benefits as use of distinct programming languages, reusability of code, and setting up dynamic and creative characteristics in the layer that has already been coded.

For a professional development of your business website using this framework from Microsoft, hire .NET developers. These are proficient individuals in their relevant field of work who will help design a simple solution for your complex requirements so that you can concentrate on taking your business to the very highest levels of success.

Author: Alden Lowsley