Blog Design Tips For a User Friendly Blog

Now that you’ve selected your niche let’s look at some blog design tips with your readers in mind. Balancing a design with pizzazz and individuality to attract new visitors but yet still have the warmth and comfort of an old worn shoe for returning readers is a delicate task. In order to accomplish this feat here are 5 tips that will increase the appeal of your blog design.

1) Blog theme

The overall blog theme should correspond with the niche you’re blogging about. Don’t confuse your visitors by going off target with pictures, symbols, or other visual aids that ‘decorate’ your blog but have no relationship with the niche you’re in. Your blog theme is a subtle yet powerful component that reinforces your affiliation with the niche you’re in.

For instance on Halloween you display pumpkins, witches, and other scenes and figures commonly associated with this holiday. Christmas holds the same association with Santa Claus just as Thanksgiving does with pilgrims or turkeys.

2) Introduce Yourself

Every blog should have an ‘about me’ page or section where you introduce yourself to your readers. Here is where you tell them why you’re blogging about the niche you’re in, your blogging objectives, and any credentials and/or experience especially if it’s directly related to your niche. A picture would be also be appreciated by your readers in helping them become a little more familiar with the blogger they’re following.

3) Display Contact Information

Don’t withhold your contact information or place it in a obscure location on your blog. Be sure your readers have easy access to you through your email or perhaps even a phone number. Don’t underestimate the effect this has on building a relationship with your readers. Breeding an atmosphere of familiarity will help build more of a community feeling on your blog enhancing its popularity with visitors and regular subscribers.

4) Don’t Hide Your Best Work

What I mean here is when your post or articles attract larger numbers than usual; make these more readily available to all visitors. Possibly categorize them into a separate section such as ‘most viewed post’ or ‘greatest literary accomplishments’ so that viewers can easily recognize and access them. Be proud of these posts and take advantage of their popularity.

5) Make your blog Easy on the Eyes

Avoid the temptation to jazz up your blog with ‘eye catching’ colors or fonts. Bright colors are harsh and strain the eyes just as some fonts are more difficult to read than others.

Where possible use lighter color tones and try to at least minimize the use of brighter colors especially in areas where visitors are expected to be reading words.

Times New Roman, Arial, and Georgia fonts have proven through testing to be easier to read then most of the other available fonts. For the record, you can’t go wrong with black or brown font colors on a white or tan background.

Well there you have 5 blog design tips that should make it a more enjoyable experience for both the visitors and blogger.

Author: Terry Philpott