Boost Low Self Esteem by Eliminating Negative Programming

If you suffer from low confidence, you need to boost your self esteem by eliminating negative programming. It is usually the case that if you tend to beat yourself up, the root cause may lie in negative programming from your past. Unwanted or negative programming often causes low self esteem. It results in negative thoughts and feelings. Too often, and unknowingly, these thoughts have been imprinted in our minds while we were in the early years of our lives.

You suffer from low esteem when you receive negative feedback from figures of authority (such as parents or teachers). It may be some hostile, tense or sad statements or even unsaid body language that can cause you to have an imprint. Negative programming results when these are repeatedly ingrained in your mind. As a result of negative programming, you develop low self-confidence, fail, become unhappy and ill, and the list goes on.

If you will be able to successfully reverse your negative programming, then you can boost your low self esteem. You can find your life turning around as your positive thoughts are likely to attract better outcomes. Your relationships with others, for one, are likely to improve.

To eliminate negative programming, you need to do two things: recognize the negative thoughts, and counteract them with positive thoughts. The first step is to become aware of how destructive your low self esteem can be. The thoughts that run through your head are pretty much unhelpful. Thoughts like “you are no good” or “you are not capable enough” are evidences of low esteem. These are often the result of things said to you as a child or the experiences that you have when young.

Even then, you knew these things were not good because they hurt your feelings and made you feel hopeless. Over time, such feedback undercuts your reverence for life and undermines your self-esteem. So every now and then, when you feel tense and angry, these thoughts tend to surface and take over your mind. With a low self esteem, you never reach the top or your fullest potential.

After you become aware of these negatives, work on neutralising them and replacing them with positives. Ensure that you no longer get reinforcements of negative feedback. Your negative mind is like a field with disfigured plants that keep growing anyway because they are still nourished by the negative feedback that you continue to get everyday. Cut off the nutrients and the plants die. Hence, it is important that you surround yourself in a positive and supportive environment.

Eliminating negative statements from your life is easy. Simply decide you don’t want them. It’s as if you are ejecting a compact disc from your CD player or erasing something you typed on your keyboard. If someone tells you you’ll always be fat, press eject. If you start thinking you can’t control your love for potato chips, hit delete. You can even make it a real physical act by pressing your index finger on something, the head of a nail or the spot between your eyebrows, anything.

Once you have cleared your head of all negative thoughts, fill your consciousness with positive statements that target low self esteem. These positives are affirmations of what is good about you. They are the binary codes of change that will alter the orientation of your inner mind.

Replace the negative “I cannot do this” to “I can do this easily”. Say it with conviction and plenty of emotion. As you regularly practise having positive thoughts, you can eventually eliminate the negative programming that has crippled you with low self esteem for years.

Author: Evelyn Lim