Build a Mobile Chicken Coop – Top Concerns For Building a Mobile Chicken House

If you’ve made the decision to build a mobile chicken coop to house your chickens, there are a few additional factors you need to keep in mind over and above what you’d normally need for just building a regular chicken house. Since these coops are going to be transported around regularly, if they aren’t built properly you stand a much higher chance of seeing them fall apart, which could be costly when it comes to the repair process.

Here are the main three things to know about building a mobile chicken coop.

Check Your Building Supplies

Due to the transportation factor of your mobile chicken house, you’re going to want to make sure the materials you use are both lightweight as well as durable. Far too many people make the mistake of choosing materials that are lightweight, which is great, but these materials have a tendency to fall apart in a matter of months.

This will just cause you to have to rebuild pieces of it again, spending hundreds of dollars in the process. It’s vital that you do a bit of research on the best materials for mobile chicken coops specifically since this is slightly different.

The Closure Latch

Next you have the latch that is going to keep the door to the coop closed. If it’s not secure enough the door could start swinging open during transportation, also leading to problems.

A good chicken house building plan will include thorough latch instructions for making sure it’s as secure as possible so you don’t run into issues. If the plan you’re looking at doesn’t, again, make sure you spend some time researching this – or find a new plan.

The Size of the Building

Finally, the third consideration you need to keep in mind is the size of the building itself. If you make it too large you run the serious risk of it falling to pieces as you transport it, again potentially becoming a costly issue.

The plan you use should have specific specifications for how wide and long you can make it (depending on the building materials you use), so make sure you read this carefully. It makes a huge difference in how well the coop stays functioning, yet is something that a number of people overlook.

So, be sure you’re keeping these points in mind. Checking carefully to make sure you’re building your mobile chicken coop correctly will ensure that the money you do spend to build it is well invested.

Author: Shannon Clark