Cheap Website Builders Are Best Avoided

The Importance of Professional Web Development

A website is your online identity. Researchers from the Missouri University of Science and Technology reveal that visitors take only two-tenths of a second in forming their first opinion of your business and brand, on visiting your website. Additionally, within another 2.6 seconds they begin concentrating on the different elements of your website in a way that only reinforces their first impression of your brand.

Establishing brand identity

A professional web designer will have a definite plan before going about the development tasks. Developing a website has as much to do with creating a visual identity as it is about communicating important information about a product or service. A website must have a definite color scheme that is unique and relevant to the company. The logo must be placed in a position where it is clearly visible but not intrusive. The entire website must be consistent in its visual identity so that it becomes memorable to visitors.

Thoughtful structure for a positive experience

The importance of structuring the content on your website cannot be overstated. Nowadays, Internet users are extremely finicky about the content they read. One of the ways in which a website can attract individuals to read content is by presenting them in ways that are easy on the eye. No user wants to read massive blocks of text. Data presentation and visualization is an important skill that a web developer will have. The way in which content is presented will have a huge bearing on how much a visitor to your website will actually remember. Bombarding an individual with information is less useful than providing concise blocks of information that is relevant to a visitor.

Web Development vs Web Design

Now that you know that your website’s visitors are so quick to judge, you have to agree that when it comes to hiring a website developer you don’t want to cut corners. Going cheap for your website means going cheap for your brand. It is also important to note that we are referring to website development and not website design. These two terms are often used interchangeably. There are distinct differences between web development and web design.

Scalability to adapt to evolving needs

A professional web developer will understand how to structure content so that the website can grow over time and in line with changing requirements. When a website is initially developed, a company may have a number of financial restrictions that disallow heavy investment into its development. As the business grows, it may find that it needs to redevelop its website in order to add more information or make it more engaging. Overhauling a website is a long, drawn out and expensive process. Professional web developers will use structures and forms that can be manipulated easily such that your website can accommodate a greater number of features seamlessly.

Encouraging interactions with social media plug-ins

Internet users spend exorbitant amounts of time on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Incorporating social media plug-ins into your website is an excellent way to spur sharing and conversations. It can create a buzz around your brand and give website traffic a big boost. Social login buttons leading visitors to popular social platforms you use actively, can also support your overall SEO and content marketing efforts. A professional web development company can effectively integrate social media into your web design for the best results.

Author: Jimmy Chronicle