Designing a Mobile Website: What To Consider

A recent study suggests that by the year 2013 there will be more users accessing the web using their Smartphones than people who access the web on a desktop or laptops. The reason for this paradigm shift has been the advent of the Apple’s iPhone and faster wireless network connections. When iPhone was introduced in 2007 it brought with it host of features and utility that no other phone at that time could match. Knowingly or unknowingly the era of Smartphones was started by Apple.

When people started viewing various websites on their Smartphones, many mobile website design services also started. Personal computers and laptops use a faster internet connection and the browsing speed is very fast. But when we want to view the same websites on a Smartphone, the browsing speed reduces significantly. Thus the need for Smartphone-friendly websites was felt and gradually many sites were created. Mobile websites are easier and faster to develop, thus gaining popularity worldwide.

While developing a mobile website there are many things that should be kept in mind. They are discussed below.

Firstly, you should consider the size of the screen and its resolution. It is crucial to keep in mind the screen size as Smartphone have small screen size and resolution compared to your HD monitors and laptop screens.

Secondly, all the time mobile network providers are working to increase the speed of the mobile internet but still it is slower than the normal internet connection that is used in a desktop. The speed of the mobile internet should always be considered.

Thirdly, always consider the issue of poor connectivity. The speed of the connection may be satisfactory but the coverage is sometimes limited or concentrated at a particular area.

Fourthly, there are many kinds of Smartphone available in the market. The mobile website should be user friendly and should also consider the nature of the Smartphone. Viewing the website with the help of a touch screen phone or a keypad one should be easy.

Finally, the content, photos, links and advertisements should be minimal. By limiting the content you are reducing the page size and the time that the site takes to load.

Other things while developing a mobile website design are the inbuilt capability of the phone, the orientation of the screen of the device and the right font for the content. Mobile website design services are gaining popularity and if all the above mentioned tips are taken into consideration the development of such websites will be easy to develop and deploy.

Author: Roten Oliver