People are generally aware that ebooks are sold exclusively online and can only be enjoyed using a computer once purchased. What most people are wondering about is how these sellers are actually attracting their buyers without a picture of the actual book, since ebooks are basically not tangible. With this point said, it is truly very important for a seller to make sure to create an eBook cover design so that even though it is virtual, people will still have the ability to visualize the product being sold to them. The only real question here is how creators are going to produce a decent eBook cover design.

To answer this question that many people are asking, it is really important that you find the appropriate programs that will really help you in creating an amazing eBook cover design. The first thing that a person must do is to find the right template that he/she can use as a starting point in creating a cover design. Remember that this first step is very crucial because it will be the foundation of the entire cover and because of this fact, it is highly required that a person chooses the appropriate template for the product he/she is selling.

After choosing the appropriate template for your cover design, it is already time to choose or create the actual cover that you want other people to see. You can either create your own version of the design for the ebook, or if it is a popular literary book, you can just find an image of it and use it directly as the cover of the product that you are trying to sell to other people. When a design is already ready for use, it is now time to incorporate it with the template that you have chosen a while ago.

In incorporating it, you can use several programs to help you with it. One very good example is Photoshop, if you are familiar with using it. Otherwise, you can just hire a certain person which knows how to incorporate the design with the template you found. This way, you can just focus on thinking about how you will present the product to people. After all, this is the most important aspect of making an eBook cover design – presentation. Therefore, it is also important that in this phase, whether you are the one doing it or you are asking another person to do it, you make sure that all the elements needed in the cover are present. These elements include shadow, lighting, background, reflection, and even the angle by which the 3D image is facing. All these are important because they are the ones communicating with the buyers; and for you to correctly convey your message, all the elements must be appropriate. After finishing the entire eBook cover design, it is now ready to be published and be criticized by other people who are going to see it. And hopefully, your message reaches them well.

Author: T Williamsen