Effective Graphic Design Tips: How To Be A Better Graphic Designer

Start with sketching

To reduce the time spent in front of a computer, first put your basic ideas on paper. You will thus reduce the risk of getting your eyes strained parallel to saving your time with the software. If you have a great design to start with, you will have fewer chances of having to undo a bad one.

Get sufficient sleep

Research shows that sleep deprivation cause irrational behaviour. You don’t want to turn up at work acting absurd and expect to do outstanding design work. A better strategy would be to get the required amount of sleep and work fewer, yet more productive hours.

Manage your repute

To be perceived as a good communicator, who delivers excellent work consistently and always meets deadlines, pace and organise yourself. Take on few, selective projects to maintain overall work quality and set aside some time for in-depth Skype conversations and detailed emails to appear accessible to your clients. Make a list of tasks not related directly to graphic design elements.

Identify your niche

You might start your career as a versatile graphic designer; however, it would be wise to identify your niche and focus on being an expert in some areas. By doing this, you can spend more time and effort on researching and focusing on specific areas of design that you are passionate about. You will enjoy each project more, establish your repute as an expert in your precise field and do better work on the whole.

Use professional fonts

Since free fonts are ‘free’, graphic designers are tempted to use them frequently. Be careful about the ones you choose because many have been put together poorly. You don’t have to avoid using them completely; however, it would be wise to experiment and explore a new professional font to ensure that it performs suitably in various situations.

Learn to use keyboard shortcut keys

Because most of your computer work will require the use of a mouse or stylus, using keyboard shortcuts can provide occasional breaks for specific muscles. You will save on time as you can click keys and move your mouse simultaneously. You might even reduce your workday by a minimum of half an hour by using this very simple strategy.

Find the right clients

Cost is always a major issue among graphic designers and the usual mistake is charging too little. The best approach to set up a client list is to establish yourself as a professional and an expert. You can then collect a few selective clients’ suitable and enjoyable projects for yourself. Since they will know that you provide good services and work quality, they will agree to pay you more. Remember to keep your workload reasonable and your reputation radiant.

Author: Max Chohan