Finding The Right Graphic Designer: Top Tips

Quality graphic design is crucial to any business and whether it is leaflets, brochures, letters or magazines, having the right design can make a great deal of difference to the success of a business. From building client relationships to advertising products to your customers, a well designed piece of company collateral is still, despite the onset of online marketing, a fantastic way for any business to promote themselves.

With such importance on graphic design, searching for the right agency or sole designer can seem like a very overwhelming task. After-all with millions of design specialists based in and around the country and the world, all with dazzling portfolios and a client list that screams perfection how can you ensure that in the face of it all you are sourcing the ideal designer that is right for you and your business?

Throughout my years of experience in the marketing field I have witnessed a number of clients who have, often as a result of adequate research found themselves struggling with their current designer. For one reason or another, many businesses can find themselves at logger heads with their design team which is why I have decided to put together my top tips that should help you avoid any unnecessary hassle and ensure you get only the right designer…

  • Location- Whatever your requirements, having the ability to communicate face to face, discuss progress and develop ideas is a must when working with a designer. Although emails and a Skype chat may seem sufficient, you could lose a lot of value from not having those face to face meetings so why not try to search for someone local?
  • Know Your Needs- Graphic Designer are obviously a creative bunch of people but that doesn’t mean that you should approach them empty-handed under the assumption that they will create an idea out of thin air! Knowing what you need from a designer and what your specific requirements are will make all the difference so create a mock-up or presentation to convey your ideas and plans to potential designers during the search process. Ultimately this will give you a greater understanding as to which designer understands and is able to cater best to your needs.
  • Experience- For quality results and artwork that not only looks good but prints effectively, you must ensure that the designer you hire is an experienced professional. Although a student may seem like the most cost-effective option, only an experienced professional will not only have the knowledge to create artwork across multiple platforms but will possess knowledge on varying software, requirements on different computers and most importantly how to ensure your artwork is effectively printed to the highest quality. Experience really is the key here.

Other factors to consider can include price, industry knowledge, product knowledge and the level of professionalism with which your chosen agency presents their work to you. Whatever your business size and whatever your design needs a careful degree of consideration, time and effort is required to ensure your business and all its design needs are in the most experienced hands.

Author: Laura H Davis