Five Weight Loss Tips Using Neuro Linguistic Programming Principles

If you are struggling to make progress with a weight loss program, or if you are just thinking of embarking on one, you may want to follow these five tips carefully. You may be able to achieve your weight loss goals much faster and in an easy and relaxed way if you follow the five tips about: Modeling Excellence, Attitude, Curiosity and Confusion, Change, and Having Fun Along the Way.

The acronym NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. The interpretation of the name is as follows: Neuro stands for anything pertaining to brain and nervous system in general. Linguistic pertains to language or our verbal or otherwise interpretation of experiences. Finally, Programming represents forming of brain wiring patterns or beliefs. NLP deals with understanding of our ability to change the nervous, linguistic and programming patterns to improve our communication with ourselves and others and to improve the overall quality of our lives.

Let us go right into the five weight loss tips based on the NLP principles:

Modeling Excellence: It is great when you have a strong belief in what you are doing from the get-go. If you are considering buying a weight loss product or joining a weight loss program, make sure you know it is coming from an excellent source. If you do not at this time know much about the source, use internet to find out more. Empower yourself by building up that weight loss product or program even before you buy. NLP believes everything someone else can do you can do too. So read all testimonials you can get your hands on. Ask your friends if they know anyone who had success. An excellent model or example to follow is great to have before you even start.

Attitude: In NLP, Attitude comes first. Before starting a weight loss program be sure to double check your attitude. Yes, NLP states everything someone else can do you can learn and do also. However, you must break it down into small chunks first. Know that there are details you will learn along the way that you have no idea about right now. Know there might be obstacles to overcome that you know nothing about at this time. Take on the can-do attitude first when you start. Although you can acknowledge it, do not focus on your current weight. Instead, envision yourself already well on your way to losing weight already, and that is just because of your attitude.

Curiosity and Confusion: Curiosity and confusion will work in your favor. During your first days and weeks working with your new program, a weight loss diet, or a weight loss exercise program, or some other regimen, you will likely experience a state of curiosity. You will ask yourself, “I wonder how this program will work for me?”, or “What changes will I experience first?” Other times you will experience confusion: “Why is this not working for me as it was supposed to?” Both curiosity and confusion are good signs. They both take you from your usual and accustomed ways of thinking into the new, more flexible and expanded ways. And, as a great hypnotist once said, “Enlightenment is always preceded by confusion.”

Change: It is up to you to change. Using NLP, there is no need anymore to stay stuck in a downward spiral leading you from a bad situation to a worse situation. No need to repeat the thinking and the behavior that got you here in the first place. Thus, no need to dwell on the past. It is okay to acknowledge the past and that is all. Instead of dwelling on the past, focus your thoughts and language on the positives that you expect will come. Stay open to change, change can be made enjoyable and profitable.

Have Fun Along The Way: This is a big tip. There is an abundance of possible outcomes in your weight loss quest. Likewise there is an abundance of the ways to get where you want to be. So why not pick a way that is both fun and effective with your weight loss goals. It being fun will help you stick with your activities. And, please, do not take yourself too seriously. It is much better to take your activities seriously. Or to make sure you have serious fun doing them. And it is okay to be serious about your goals. But you are not perfect now and you will not be perfect when you have shed your pounds either. So lighten up on the seriousness about yourself and enjoy your trip.

In this article I have shown five tips on how to use NLP principles when embarking on a weight loss diet or joining an exercise program. You now know how to model excellence, how to adjust your attitude, how to interpret your curiosity and confusion, how to embrace change, and how to be sure to have fun along the way. Now that you know these tips, go out and use them as you do your research and as you begin to follow the weight loss program in a whole new light. Enjoy your journey to a different you.

Author: Jason Stark