Free Cell Phones – Online Wireless Dealer Stores

Getting a free cell phone is more realistic than any person may think it is. Normally when a person hears that something is free they may be filled with doubt. Free items often come with some kind of gimmick or catch and sometimes break the law. You won’t find prices that low in any brick & motor dealer store unless the phone is an old or low end model. There are actual dealer stores that have at least 90% of their cell phone inventory priced at $0.00, weather if it’s a regular phone device or a Smartphone data device. The only place you can get a large selection free cell phones with the purchase of a new contract is on the internet. There is no surveying involved and you don’t have to purchase anything you don’t really want to buy in order to get your free cell phone.

Typically, cell phones are considered to be priced between $300 and $5oo but with a contract you will normally pay $50 to $200 for a cell phone. This works because the commission the dealer store gets for the contract sale is more than enough to make up for the phone price discount. Dealer stores on the internet have it even better. Everyone knows by now that internet stores provide much lower cost overhead than a brick & mortar store, allowing the company to offer lower prices on their products. Internet dealer stores such as TMI-warless, Wirefly and LetsTalk offer much of their inventory for free with the purchase of a new two year contract form all of the United States to cell phone carriers.

Here is a typical breakdown of the purchasing process on one of these web sites:

· Log on to one of these sites, whether if it’s TMI-wireless, Wirefly or LetsTalk
· Pick your favorite carrier
· Look for the phone you would like to purchase
· The condition for a free cell phone is contingent upon signing up for a new two year contract or renewing your contract with an upgrade only
· You can purchase a phone without a contract at full cost of the product
· There are no rebates involved
· Next the web site will offer you all the same contract plan options and fees that normally come with the carrier you selected
· For the most part ground shipping is free
· They do offer faster shipping methods with a charge
· In the next step you will have to fill out the required application for service
· You will need to enter your credit card information for identification purposes
· As long as you don’t violate any of the terms of service or agreements your card will not be charged

At the end of your transaction you will be able to review all entered information before finalizing you purchase. The company will let you know if you have been approved within 48 and ship your product with the option you selected. Make sure you read all terms of use prior to making a purchase.

Author: Isaac Mckinney