Free Sewing and Embroidery Apps for iPhone

If you search “sewing” in iTunes you come up with quite a list of sewing apps. Some of my favorites are:

SewingKitLT, which is a free version of SewingKit. It gives you a chance to try it out and see how much you like it. This is where you can store information about your fabrics, patterns, projects, and measurements for people. A great all-around app.

Jalie Sewing Patterns is great, if you already like Jalie sewing patterns and want to keep track of which ones you already have and which you would like to get.

The Jo-Ann app provides coupons, so even if you don’t use anything else in the app, it’s worth having. Michaels has a similar app, but so far I have only found that in their stores using a QR reader, and on their website, but not in iTunes.

QuiltingCalc is simple, but if you quilt a lot, it’s a handy little tool to take with you to the store. FabricConverter is similar, in that it has very limited use, but it’s handy if you have to convert yardages for various fabric widths.

The Pfaff Embroidery Art and Husqvarna Viking Color It were not worth the space they took up on my phone, in my opinion. I took them off soon after I installed them. I thought they were pretty worthless as apps to carry with me.

I have not used iSewingRoom Lite, but at the moment the reviews mostly say it does not save. It sounds like a nice app, so I hope its developers work on the free version, work out the bugs, and resubmit it. Then it will probably be handy to have.

There are also a couple of apps for thread management, which might help you, depending on the kind of information you seek about thread. Superior Threads has the Thread Selection Guide and How Much Thread, which helps you figure out how much thread you will need for a quilting project. Aurofil’s app is more about inspiration and advertising than interactive help.

On the embroidery side, a hand embroidery app I’ve downloaded and liked is Judith Montano’s Embroidery and Crazy Quilt Stitch Guide – Free Version. It has lovely diagrams, instructions, and even videos for many of the most popular hand embroidery stitches.

Planet Embroidery is a surprising app that will digitize text for you and send it to your e-mail account. That’s powerful!

ProDigitizing won’t do the digitizing for you, but they will give you a cost estimate for digitizing designs.

So, if you are new to iPhone or have not thought to use it for your sewing yet, take a look around. It’s a very handy sewing and embroidery tool.

Author: Sherilyn Roach