Graphic Design – Self Promotion Ideas

Create a Design Blog for Self Promotion

Creating a blog about your design services is one of the best ways to promote your graphic design services. It is simple, even for a technophobe, to create a blog using WordPress (a free blogging platform). Once created you can begin writing articles related to the areas of design that you are the most interested in. Search for other design blogs and read design related magazines to find ideas for topics you can write about. Comment on other blogs to both participate, but also to leave a link back to your blog. Blogs are highly respected by Google which loves fresh original content, and so as your blog grows, your Google ranking will improve.

Create an Online Design Portfolio

Creating an online portfolio is essential for demonstrating your design expertise. You can build your portfolio in WordPress or use one of several free online portfolio services. You can then use your blog to help drive traffic to your portfolio.

Social Networking to Promote Your Design Services

Creating a designer twitter and Facebook account enables you to not only connect with fellow designers, with the possibility of referral or collaboration work but also to network with possible clients. Find companies you would be interest in working for and keep up with their tweets. Think how you can market your design services to them. There are many other social networks online that can also be explored.

Demonstrate your Design Expertise on Forums

Participate in both design forums and forums which potential clients may use. Answer forum questions in such a way that you are perceived as an expert in your field. Remember to use a signature at the bottom of your posts which link back to your website or blog.

Writing Articles About Design

Writing Articles about areas of graphic design again portrays you as an expert in your field. By submitting your articles to article submission sites, or writing guest posts on other blogs you will also increase your inbound links.

There are many ways to promote your design services and increase your number of graphic or web design clients. A few methods implemented each week can greatly improve your web presence.

Author: Tara R Roskell