Graphic Designers – How to Create Your Resume

A Graphic Designer’s resume is slightly different from others. The basic layout is similar to the typical resume with the inclusion of a portfolio. Graphic design is a very diverse job position. They could get into a lot of industries with their field of work. That is why their resume, aside from being very detailed with their job description should include a separate portfolio containing samples of their previous ark work.

The basic resume of a Graphic Designer typically contains their personal information. The first part of the resume should contain their full name, complete address, contact numbers and e-mail address. The applicant must specify what field of Graphic design they are applying for by writing a short narrative of their skills and capabilities that makes them qualified for the position.

The second part of the resume should give in detail the applicant’s educational background. Most companies are looking for someone who has taken a 4 year college degree in Fine Arts mastering in Graphic Design. Although a certificate course in the arts or Graphic Design will qualify, those who have taken a formal college education will always have that edge over the others.

Lastly, the final part of the resume contains the applicant’s work experience. If you have any, write down in detail all the companies you have worked for. Write a short description on the kind of work you have done with them. Include your former employer’s name and contact numbers. This will serve as your personal references. As I have mentioned previously, adding a portfolio of samples of your recent ark works will give you an edge over other applicants. This gives your new employer an idea if your style and design is something that they can work with or the kind that they are looking for.

Author: John F Smith