How Do I Download Apps on Windows 8?

Windows 8 has given users many features to rejoice with Metro-style user interface, neat & clean desktop, SkyDrive integration to take advantage of the ever-growing cloud storage feature, social networks, weather & news information, and Windows Store, apps among other things. Apps are one among the major highlights that Windows 8 has to offer. With the availability of Windows Store, Windows 8 has more than 400+ downloadable Metro-style apps to offer to customers to help app-simplify their lives.

These apps include eBay, WordPress, EVERNOTE, SigFig Portfolio, Nook Reader, Cut Rope, YouTube, Facebook, YouTube Downloader, Verizon Office 365 Demo, Angry Birds, Elements Weather Forecast, AccuWeather, Health Choices, PatientLive, Up to Date, Digital Health Scorecard, iHeartRADIO, iCookbook, and Pepperplate are among those hundreds of apps available under different categories viz. Shopping, Food & Dining, Music, Videos, Productivity, Tools, Travel, Books and References, Health, Finance, Spotlight, Games, News and Weather, Photos, Entertainment, Social, and Security etc. on the Windows Store website. Majority of the apps are free in Windows Store while many come with a price tag. However price tag is not a concern as there is everything for every need.

Microsoft did not leave even a single stone unturned when it comes to offering apps to app-lify users’ lives for their daily personal and professional needs viz. emails, audio/video, audio/video streaming, consulting with doctors and submitting reports, social networking, trading online, looking for recipes, searching for the latest news and weather information, downloading software, reading books online, and playing/downloading games among other things. Since Microsoft offers ‘everything for everyone’, you can also begin to take advantage of that every-thing.

You need not anything else except your Microsoft account login credentials viz. email address and the password. Yes, you will have to have a Microsoft email account viz. Hotmail or Windows Live ID to be able to log in to Windows 8 Store and start downloading your favorite apps. Once you have your Microsoft login credentials ready, do the following:

· Tap or click the Store tile on the Metro-style user interface. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet, otherwise Windows Store website won’t open up.

· Once you have the Windows Store website opened up, you will see various categories showing different apps. You can navigate through the desired categories and find apps of your choice.

· Click a desired app to view its detailed history viz. system requirements, features, reviews, and languages compatible with it. Once you are done viewing all the details related to the app, click the Install button.

· If this is the first time you are installing this app, Microsoft will prompt you to enter your Microsoft account login credentials. Enter the username (email id) and password in the relevant boxes and click the Sign in button.

· When signed in, follow the on-screen instructions and start downloading the app. You can see name of the app being downloaded at the top right hand corner of the screen during the download.

· You need not do anything as the app will automatically install itself. When done, you will see a small notification pop-up confirming that the app has been installed.

That’s it and you can now begin to use the installed app. You can remove and reinstall this app as desired and/or download more apps from Windows Store.

Author: Gaurav Kumar Srivastava