How Does a Portable Solar Mobile Phone Charger Work?

We love our mobile phones and use them all the time but were you aware that it is now possible to charge these phones without having to depend on mains electricity. Technology has evolved so it is now possible to buy special solar mobile phone chargers that use the sun. This is a really green method of generating electricity and great to know that you will be able to charge your phone from wherever you are in the world.

This is also a great way of being environmentally friendly and being able to do a small bit for global warming!

So how does a solar mobile phone charger work

The design of the chargers can vary depending on the manufacturer but the basic components are very similar in all. They are all lightweight with some being so compact they will easily fit into your pocket

Each charger will have its own built in solar panels these panels will store energy. You will need to place your charger in the sun initially for at least 7 hours for it to be working at its optimum. Plug the charger into your phone and it will charge your phone as normal.

As a guide for each hour you have your phone charging you should get about 30 minutes of talk time so as you can see these really are a viable option and once in continuous use you will find that this is more than enough to keep your phone going.

As a nation we are becoming more and more dependent on our mobile phones. My teenage children are never seen without theirs attached to them, and as a parent it is really reassuring to know that we can contact them of vice versa should the need arise but for me the most annoying thing is battery life and the fact that some of the new phones only seem to keep their charge for a day, a solar mobile phone charger could be the answer we are all looking for as we will have a dependable way of charging our phones without having to depend on accessing mains electricity

Author: Kay P Savage