How Mobile Apps Are Beneficial For Business

Mobile applications for business are no more just a piece of some coding; eventually they have turned into a necessity. As per a report from a well known technology magazine, almost 40 percent of mobile users have accessed or downloaded some kind of business apps, 91 percent have accepted that they have discovered some kind of new things, 77 percent have utilized the apps for their personal use and 83 percent users accept they are somewhere addicted to these mobile applications.

Thus, the fundamental is pretty clear; whatever you are or your company executing over the internet on traditional gadgets like computers or laptops can also be executed on smartphones. In fact this also entails a number of additional benefits like portability, location centric and blend of other cutting-edge technologies. The potential of mobile platform is not restricted to marketing, but it extends miles ahead of it. Certainly, companies can utilize these mobile apps to promote their products or services, reaching on-the-go consumers and provide them with an option to purchase from. Alongside, mobile apps can compel with online transaction, customer loyalty program, social media interaction and turn-by-turn directions.

Understanding the burgeoning potential of mobile applications, Apple opened the App Store three years back followed by Google which responded with its Android Market. Both of these stores promote large scale, generally Fortune 500 organizations, not the local restaurants or retail stores. Following this, the app development market started spreading its wings and currently, developing an app may cost anything in between $3000 to $8000. And this is just the development cost, the ongoing maintenance and software upgrades are yet to be included.

Despite of this high cost, SmartPhone apps are still very much in popularity. The reason is, a properly developed and well executed app can earn you far more than what you have spent upon it. The advantages of mobile apps are uncountable and they are increasing along with number of smartphone users. Currently, almost every third person is carrying a smartphone in his pocket and most people who possess a smartphone prefer making their general transactions over it. This unveils the potential of these apps.

Mobile apps are also capable in increasing the productivity of any business because they provide time saving solutions. If we go with figures, businesses which are using mobile apps are saving more than 370 million of their own and more than 725 million employee hours annually. According to a study of Small Business and Entrepreneur Council, 31 percent of small businesses with 20 or fewer employees were using mobile apps. Companies which are using mobile apps recorded that they have saved about 5.6 hours in a week. In conjunction, more than 1.28 million small scale business owners are using mobile apps and they have massive amount of their precious time by carrying out the general tasks through mobile apps.

The main reason behind this is decreased amount of paper work which enabled the companies to focus on their core task. When this saved amount of time was spent on other productive tasks, the productivity of these businesses increased to a significant level. It shows a big positive aspect and mesmerizing potential of mobile apps.

This was on the business end; let’s move back to the consumer end. Whenever a consumer searches for any product or service, the first and foremost important thing he considers is the comfort. Comfort can be easily acquired if everything can be carried out over internet, on the go. Here come into play these mobile apps which not only ensure an on-the-time service delivery but also ensure the customer gets everything right at the moment. Keeping all these factors in mind, we may easily envision the extensive potential and opportunities available in mobile apps segment, which is capable to give any business a rocket boom.

Author: Mann Joshi