How to Create a Successful New App Idea Without Programming Skills

With the wide variety of things SmartPhones can do, and more possibilities being realized every day, is it any wonder that these devices continue to lead the way in sales for the mobile devices market? From games to keep you entertained in the dentist’s waiting room, to maps and traffic alerts to get you to an appointment on time, to business applications that allow you to work on the go and everything in between, above, below, on the side…you get the picture-having a SmartPhone can be akin to toting a personal assistant who can do whatever you want at your beck and call in your pocket or purse.

You’ve likely heard people say or thought to yourself “I have a new app idea” or “There should be an app for that.” And you have probably heard about “iPhone app store millionaires” – everyday people turning their application ideas into smashing success stories. That perfect app you have in mind might just be the very thing thousands of other SmartPhone users are searching for. The SmartPhone application development world has boasted enough success stories among amateur developers and small businesses over the past two years to make attempts to come up with the next big idea worthwhile-and potentially very lucrative.

Just consider Mark Carpenter, app developer turned entrepreneur whose out-of-home business, Six Voices, has emerged from his initial development of a framework that channeled information from books and other media into a flash-card-like iPhone app. Now his company is partnering with publishers and media groups to distribute information via iPhone apps using his unique framework. And there’s Lima Sky, a development team of two brothers who have recently taken the iPhone App Store by storm, pulling in over 1 million downloads of their iPhone game, Doodle Jump, at $0.99 a copy.

With the popularity of developing SmartPhone applications spilling even into higher education, (Stanford, University of California at Davis and a handful of other colleges are now incorporating SmartPhone application development into their curriculums), it is clear that the possibilities and capabilities of SmartPhones-and the demand for all kinds of SmartPhone applications- will continue to expand to every part of day-to-day life.

SmartPhone users and app developers are teeming with great ideas for the app store. That’s why developing custom applications for SmartPhones is all the rage these days. But not everyone has the know-how to use an SDK to whip up the perfect little app they have in mind for their SmartPhones. Here’s where ingenious virtual marketplaces that connect App Idea People and App Developers come onto the scene.

These marketplaces place the power to create the perfect SmartPhone application within everyone’s reach. They bring SmartPhone users with creative new ideas together with expert app developers who are equipped to bring those ideas to life. App Idea People simply post their new app ideas and experienced freelance App Developers bid on the opportunity to develop those ideas, and users can pick and choose which developer they want to work to create their apps. These sites provide the connections and the terms of the app development are negotiated between the App Idea Person and their chosen App Developer. These types of meeting places are just the kind of resource that can make big time success a possibility for anyone and turn app ideas into reality.

Author: Alan Bowers