How To Develop iPhone Apps – Things You Need

One of the most basic needs knowing how to develop iPhone apps is having an idea that is unique in some way. There is no point spending time and energy creating an app when there is a dozen or more apps already out there that perform the exact same purpose.

Maybe you have an idea for an app that solves a problem, or an idea that caters for a specific group of people, such as diehard fans of a particular movie, or a type of food. You may want to develop a better version of a popular app that is already out there, like adding more features, or combining the features of two or more apps into a single one. Finally, something that appeals to peoples sense of humor is always popular, as long as the jokes are not stale.

How To Develop iPhone Apps – Apple iPhone Developer Program

How to make an app? What do you need? iPhone application development requires you to join the Apple iPhone Developer Program. This is the expensive part of the process, but if you plan on creating an app to make money, then this is an investment. Currently, the cost of joining the program is $99.

As well as joining the program it is important that you have either an iPhone (or iPod touch) or an iPad, depending on which you want to develop the app for. You need to download a copy of the iPhone SDK, and have somewhere to write down ideas and plans.

One suggestion for iPhone application development is to work in a team. Rather than trying to cover all aspects of design yourself, consider recruiting people with different talents, this will make the process easier and a lot less complicated.

Regardless of whether you want to make the app on your own or as a team, you need the following skills for making an app using the Objective C coding. You will need knowledge of what does and does not work in iPhone apps, where the market is at, what its functionality will be. You also need to be able to do the coding work, design the GUI, drawing any required images and promoting the finished app.

How To Develop iPhone apps – Other Programs

Knowing coding is not essential for developing an iPhone app. A number of tools have been released by various online companies that allow you to develop apps using drag-and-drop techniques, even templates, to create apps. Some of these cost, others are free but take a percentage of your app profits.

It is important to note that once you submit your app to the App Store, Apple has complete distribution rights.

Author: Jack S Franklin