How to Hire a Graphic Artist and How Much Does it Cost?

Alright guys when it comes to getting a price on any type of graphic work you must always always know what you want first.The reason is pretty obvious but I am going to tell you any way. In order for a artist to give you a price/quote on how much your project will cost he has to know what you need done.

Now I know some of you may be in a hurry and just want a general idea of the going rate for a project which is perfectly OK. But the price you get is just an estimate and there is no telling how much more or less you could pay when the designer gets the full details on your project.But what you also may not be aware of is that by giving full details it also acts as a guide/reference for your artist creativity and this is VITAL to your projects outcome.

So what exactly determines how much a project is going to cost?

Now this is a tough one to answer and will very from different artist.There are 2 major factors that are going to determine your price which are:

1. How much your artist wants to be paid.
2. The details of your project.

Yes that’s right its not just about what your project is the artist wants his cut to and I am not talking about just for labor.What you have to understand when your hiring a artist is your not just paying for his labor but also his creativity style which in some cases is a rare thing.But not only that you are having something custom made for yourself so sometimes you should expect to pay top dollar for there work.but this only applies if your hiring a really kick butt artist (a guy that can make stuff like you see on TV and movies for example).

Now I will admit that some artist that realize this will take advantage of the situation and over charge you but believe me you will know who’s worth the money and who is not by looking at there work so don’t worry to much about this.

Some artist will charge by the hour but most charge by how ever much they feel your jobs worth to them which makes things hard for me to tell you an exact price so what I have done is list the going rates for a few common graphic jobs to give you a general idea of the cost.

Common Graphic Job Prices

Website Banner Cost: $25-100
Flash Banner Cost: $25-100
Standard 10 page site Cost: $500 – and Up
Logo Design Cost: $50-150 and Up
Website Template Cost: $25-200 and Up

Tricks to get your job done for cheaper and easier

Alright you cheap skates I will let you in on some techniques to get your job for cheaper.The key to this is all in your pitch / presentation of your ideas to an artist.

1. As you present your job details you have to realize that you are now the leader!! and the artist is your employee and you have to show confidence and authority in your ideas, but dont get my words twisted here iam not saying go in and be a jerk (big no no) iam saying you need to present your self as though you know every last detail to your project and you are a very decisive person(artist hate clients that cant make up there minds or give bad instructions).A professional artist will admire this and see that you know what you want and are easy to work with and will keep his rates reasonable.But not only that this keeps you from being taken advantage of.

2. Down playing your job details will help you get more bang for your buck.What i mean by this is for you to make your job seem as easy as possible without going overboard with details.But how ever if you leave to many details out a artist my become confused and not know what you want.So just add just enough detail.

3. Freedom is a artist Kryptonite. Yes we artist love our freedom and are also a lazy bunch.Now to take advantage of this fact you should do the following.

4. Set your completion deadline to give the artist plenty of time to do his work.

5. Do as much work as you can for the artist, like providing them with plenty of source material to use in your projects like images, videos, text, etc…

6. Leave plenty of room for creativity in your project but not so much that the artist has no idea what you want

7. Give the artist plenty of positive feedback.If the artist likes you and you start to build a relation ship your chances of getting work done for cheaper also increase for long term/ future jobs.Positive feedback is essential when you review there work and keeping moral high helps bring more creativity and ideas to your project.How ever if your feedback is negative try to focus on as many good points as possible then present the negative.

What to look for when hiring a artist

* Always look at there previous work/portfolio

Never hire a artist unless you see what there capable of i dont care how good there reputation is. The truth of the matter is every artist has there niche or art theme they are good at for example 3d art, drawing cartoons, animation, etc…. So when your looking at there work be sure that they have done something related to your projects theme or close to it.

What to avoid when hiring a artist

* Hire artist in your own country

No this is not my secret plot to save the American economy (haha).The reason for this is because you may be able to get work done for dirt cheap from other countries but the chances of you getting burned from the deal is higher. And the chances of you getting your money back are slim if you seek any type of legal action.

This is more directed towards the people who want to hire a designer off the internet from sites like rentacoder.But not only that having a person that lives in your own country knows your culture and can better understand your ideas is priceless.

* Too good to be true prices

Now I am sure your aware of this one but even if the artist will do your work for cheap chances are he wont take your project seriously at all.This not only makes for a bad end product but can also ruine the relationship with your artist.For example if you need a lot of changes at the end of your project either your artist will just walk off the job or take very long to make those changes.Like many say time is money and this is no exception.So be sure that you make a deal where both sides are financially pleased.

Well that concludes this article guys i hope i was of some help to you in your journey.But overall it all comes down to being prepared good luck.

Author: Velvit Knight