Learn How to Create Wealth – Programming Your Mind

Generally people believe that hard work alone can bring wealth and fortune. The education and social system promotes stories and role models that reinforce this notion.

But many people don’t understand is that the state of your mind has a huge bearing on your state of finances. If the subconscious mind has resigns itself to a reality that you are poor, it is conceivable that you will continue to be poor.

Very often you find yourselves dreaming of the entrepreneurial success stories who made fortunes by beating the tide and concluding that you can never be like those people as you are not hardworking enough. With such an attitude, the chances of success are very remote.

Most people have been hardwired by society to believe that there is a single track road to success and that is hard work. The trick to the greatest fortunes is the realization that is not true and there are multiple ways you can achieve your goals.

Many people underestimate their worth and never dream high enough. This is why the subconscious mind manifests this belief into reality and you can get out of the vicious cycle of lowly imagination and low achievements.

The only way to get out this attitude of despair and inadequacy is to force the subconscious mind to belief that you deserve more than you have – better financial position and social proof. This is the only true inspiration that can guide you out of the quagmire of low expectations.

Conditioning your subconscious mind to think that you are successful and rich is a trick that you should implement. Be being mindful of your intended wealth, repeat the magic words to yourself everyday. This affirmation may not make you rich immediately but will fill our mind and heart with positive intentions and feeling that will make your dream wealth a reality. “Success” and “wealth” are powerful words, which when embedded into your psyche will change your thinking and viewpoints immediately.

But this exercise must be accompanied by a disclaimer. I have met loads of people who conditioned themselves with this affirmation of wealth everyday but yielded no results. This idea will not work unless you believe in it with your wholehearted devotion. Even a subconscious doubt over the efficacy will negate all the effects of its effectiveness. A lot of people adopt this method on a trial basis that it may or may not work. But calling it a trial, they have already subconsciously believed on the possibility that it may not work which negates the whole point of this exercise.

The easiest way is to calm your mind of all distractions and start with regular subtle affirmations. The affirmation statement with the power of true faith can truly move a mountain in your personal belief and once you believe its power, you will be introduced to a new world of possibilities where the fear of power will not exist and you will realize the wealth and prosperity that you deserve.

Author: Daniel Vogt