Make Money by Selling Mobile Phone Applications

For anyone who has been living under a rock, Apple has revolutionized the mobile phone world by creating the iPhone: one of its most important features is to download applications which can add new functionality such as productivity tools and games to the phone. While some are free, many are paid. These are developed by application developers just like you who see a need or unmet opportunity on the iPhone mobile platform and develop the corresponding application using the tools made available by Apple.

If you have a solid background in object oriented programming, you will probably find that these applications are relatively simple to write and if you do the right one, you can be sitting on a business that makes some serious money through Apple’s iPhone App Store.

It’s important to really understand your prospective customer’s needs, and then produce a quality application that meets these needs in an elegant and enjoyable way without bugs and crashes. This is quite literally the gold rush of the 21st century, and a handful of developers have become rich by creating the right application and then being smart about the pricing they associate with it. Don’t make an application free just because you can: Take advantage of your efforts by charging a price and maybe you can quite your day job to create mobile phone applications full time on your couch while wearing pajamas! Pretty soon, there will be variety of mobile phone and VOIP platforms on which to develop, and each of which has the potential to be a very profitable business if you do everything right.

Author: Jason H Stevens