Portable Chicken Coops – Find the Best Movable Chicken House Plans

Most people keep their chickens in a coop that is fixed in one location. However, it is possible to build a movable chicken coop and this is what some people do. A portable chicken pen has certain advantages over a stationary one. To get the most out of it, you must find the best plans for a movable chicken house.

A movable chicken coop is an ideal alternative if you are raising only a small number of chickens. A small chicken pen is easy to move around the yard. You can find many good designs and plans for portable coops. For easy portability, the chicken coup should be made of lightweight material. However, it has to be durable and sturdily built. It can be designed with wheels placed at one end and a handle at the other end. This way, it will be easy to move the coop around. The best plans will show you step-by-step instructions on how to build a movable chicken coop.

By keeping your hens in a portable coop, you will be able to save on feeding costs. Chickens need grass and other greens in their diet. They can feed on grass in your yard to supplement the grains that you give them. They can also find worms, insects and seeds to eat. With a movable coop, you can position the coop over fresh grass for the chickens to eat.

While you are moving the chickens in the portable coop around the yard, you are also fertilizing your yard at no additional cost. Chicken manure is an excellent organic fertilizer, so you will no longer have to purchase fertilizers for your yard.

Keeping your hens in a movable coop has many benefits. You can enjoy these benefits if you find the best plans for a portable chicken house.

Author: Rin Otori