Programming Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanners

The Symbol LS2208 is a sturdy laser scanner, which is very easy to use and set up, and ideal for the health care industry and many small to medium size retailers. It supports various interfaces, which allows it to be connected to a computer and a POS system that can help the users take full advantage of this product’s capabilities.

Programming the Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner is pretty straightforward process and all the necessary information is included in the manual, sent along with the product, and also available for download online. Once all the cables are connected, the scanner is configured with the help of the barcode scanners, included in the manual, or by using the 123Scane program. In order to activate some of the functions or change some of the default values, which are listed in the User Preferences Default Table, you need to program the device. Once programmed, it will “remember” the new values or functions even after the power is turned off and then back on.

The actual programming and setting up a specific value is done by scanning one or a sequence of bar codes, which are printed in the manual; in the case of an error while scanning, simply rescan the label one more time, unless instructed differently. The scanner can work with USB, RS-232, keyboard wedge, and IBM 468X/469X interfaces, and each one of them comes with default parameters, which can be changed via programming. Using the Windows based 123Scan utility will allow you to set up the scanner and program some of its functions as well; the manual comes with a separate chapter, which describes this procedure in detail. In order to use 123Scan, you need a computer with Windows operating system, the program itself, and RS-232 cable that connects the Symbol LS2208 bar code scanner to the computer. The program allows the various settings and all the features settings to be saved in a file, which is used to configure the scanner, while the host software is not altered.

The Symbol LS2208 comes with default settings, which you might never need to change, but if you need special functions, then they could be set up easily in a matter of minutes.

Author: Peter Kerl