Remix Maker Software

For anyone who has ever searched around, there are quite a few sites advertising their remix maker software, or their software to make beats. Some being free, some being paid. I spent countless hours wading through the depths of the internet trying to find something I could use to make half decent beats. The absolute best free software that I found was also one of the more difficult to use. That software is called Buzz. I included it because it is so powerful for those wishing to spend the time to learn it.

Buzz – Free remix maker software
Buzz is a synthesizer remix software which is modular. You can interact with the “modules” and put different pieces together to give you an infinite number of results. For example: if you want to run a drum machine and 3 physical synthesizers through two stereo delays, a compressor, an equalizer and a mixer and your speakers, you can do this very easily (and visually).

Buzz is extremely expandable and has an SDK for developers so they can create new “machines”. These are similar to pieces of equipment you would find in a real studio. These would be things like samplers, mixing equipment, DSP effects, and synthesizers. Each machine would have the same functionality and input params that real equipment would have. These machines are all free as well.

It is extremely powerful, but not easy to use. It took me a couple of hours just to figure out the components. That is what prompted me to start looking for similar power but easier to use software.

DubTurbo 2.0 – Paid remix maker software
I fell in love with this software and still use it today. The tutorials that are bundled with this remix maker are so amazingly easy to follow. I was up and running in 10 minutes.

This software features a sequencer (like most others). The sequencer has shortcuts all over the place so that you can navigate the application quickly. The layout of the application is similar to large, much more expensive DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). This is very helpful if you decide to go with the more advanced DubTurbo VSTi software or something like Fruity Loops.

Key features include:

o 16 Tracks
o attach sounds to keyboard shortcuts
o change patterns and sounds fast with 2 clicks
o easily edit your bars
o thousands of built in sounds
o Record live
o 44.1 kHz exports to .wav

Drum Machine
o each pad can be keyboard assigned.
o easily record your beat
o change up beats quickly
o move around sounds, erase sounds easily

Four Octave sampling keyboard

2 of the 4 octaves are keyboard controlled in order to use the keyboard to play your compositions instead of MIDI. There are tonnes of samples included to use for the keyboard. Bass, stabs, pianos, saxes… you name it.

o four full octave keyboard
o use keyboard or mouse to write notes
o change instruments fast
o independent sample volume controls
o thousands of sounds
o note snapping

DubTurbo VSTi
This is similar to DubTurbo 2.0 however it adds a whole rack of professional remix equipment and is geared more toward the intermediate or advanced remix maker. Great part about this software is the fact that it is the same low price as version 2.0 AND there is a plugin you can buy for either that allows you to SELL your beats to an online community! How cool is that?

I really hope this helps those of you out there looking for some good free/paid remix maker software. I know how hard it is to find software to make beats.

Author: David B. Johnson