Responsive Themes Feature in Magento Enterprise and Community Edition 2014

The Magento Enterprise Edition and the Community Edition were introduced in May 2014. The release was characterized by several important features and additions to support the business growth and online presence of the website owners. The current editions impute greater value to the responsive web design solutions with respect to the eclectic reference themes and much more. The initiative was adopted with focus on the present market competition and inclination of the internet users to smartphone devices and tablet PCs.

The responsive design interface is set to bring major changes in the eCommerce business operations on the mobile phone devices. In the past the cost of developing responsive sites was quite high. Many site owners tried alternative methods such as separate websites for varied screen sizes. The Magento responsive solution is dedicated to reducing the expenses of the webmasters. The investment will be allocated to a single site with flexible grid and layout adjustments to suit the screen dimensions of various gadgets.

The Magento responsive theme reference has been developed using the most advanced web design technology incorporating the implementation of HTML5, and CSS3 modules. The use of the jQuery eases out the HTML coding operations and site indexing issues. The new technology empowered websites are expected to create impact on the buyers with greater intensity within a short span of time.

The new Magento editions facilitate the Paypal users to access the ‘Bill Me Later’ feature. The initiative is expected to increase the sales up to 18 percent compared to the present statistics. The price consistency feature has been specially designed for companies serving international clients or selling products in several nations. This allows the sellers to implement a single rate for their products and services heedless of the taxes and other financial regulations in the country to bring greater stability and control over the prices.

The entrepreneurs developing websites on this platform will have access to the new extensions such as the Magento Connect Marketplace such as the eBay Enterprise Affiliate Extension. The facility allows the business owners to interact with over 200,000 eBay affiliates to launch different affiliate programs. The new edition also features the Solr indexing assists in SEO implementation to raise the conversion rates and lead generation when a description or product update is added to the website. The websites are enhanced with better position in the search results.

The responsive web design references by Magento is the ideal option for the entrepreneurs to restructure their website. As of 2014, about 1.74 billion people worldwide use smartphones and tablet devices. As a result of the switch to the responsive theme, the business owners can expect enhanced growth and market dominance having the facility to reach out to the target audiences in a convenient way.

Author: Martins Adeyanju