Software Testing and Quality in Real World

Why Sofware Testing?

To reduce risk:

Customer dissatisfaction

Decrease of market share

Higher service costs

To verify

To ensure that the system operates according to the requirements

“Passive” testing; the positive attributes of the system are tested

To validate

To ensure that the software is free from defects

“Active” testing; let’s try to break the system!

QA and Organizational Culture

On average, proper software testing takes up as much time as designing and building a software application

After you have written and compiled your software application, you don’t throw away the source code: that is your investment.

However, after testing, not much of your testing environment, test cases, test scripts, test results and logs are saved.

If testing software takes as much time as building it, why are we so careless about our investment in testing?

Introducing new tools and imposing new techniques will not change the process.

Everyone involved in the delivery of the software, including business users, analysts, designers, programmers, testers, managers, executives, systems personnel and quality assurance people, must understand that you are fundamentally changing the way you build and test software.


Master Test Plan

Defines the overall project’s test strategy

Defines the project’s test objectives

Estimates effort

The 40% Rule

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Should be prepared as part of the requirements of the system

Detailed Test Plans

Dependent on knowledge of the system

List Test Cycles

Entry Criteria

Exit Criteria

Expected Results

Test Cases

Roles and Responsibilities

Resource Requirements

Business and technical people

Software for Testing Environment and Automation

Reporting Requirements

Test Plan Change Control

Developement Methodologies

V” Model Development –

Attempts to address the problems associated with the waterfall model by making sure that testing occurs earlier in the development life-cycle

Test planning takes place in conjunction with design documents

In theory, you are ready to start running the tests as soon as you have the software

Author: Karthikeyan Pappaiyan