Square Technology and Android Mobile Apps

It’s all about being square when it comes to the latest mobile technology.

One of the most exciting novelties of late is that of Square technology which enables you to ditch the paper and pay for everything on your mobile phone. Square is a literally a little square which you plug into your iPhone and then swipe your credit card through. This can be done to pay for goods of all prices and means that you can pay for breakfast at a greasy spoon or apples at a your local fruit and veg market without handing over any cash! It is truly innovative. But how do you track your transactions I hear your ask? Well, Square has created lots of ways to do this – firstly you get an instant receipt sent to your email or mobile phone after each transaction, which you can access securely. Secondly, Square has developed an interface which allows you, as a business, to view the amount of money you have made in a day including tips, tax, and method of payment. It really couldn’t be simpler. We are loving the fact that this is now available on various platforms such as Android and can be downloaded as an iPhone mobile app. If you are using Square, we would love to hear your feedback.

Finally, the product of the month has to be Amazon’s New Kindle DX. Although it might not change the way we think about e-books, as was first thought a year ago when it was described as the iPod of the e-book world, the Kindle DX certainly has some advantages over the iPad. Here’s how: The iPad can’t be read in direct sunlight and the Kindle can. This is a particular disadvantage over the summer. The Kindle has a very thin third-inch width compared to the iPad’s half-inch size. Plus, the Kindle has a battery life of an entire week on a single charge whilst the iPad gets about 10 hours. The Kindle DX is also noticeably lighter than the iPad. However, the Kindle literally only allows you to read books, what the iPad does is allow you to download mobile apps

On 3rd June, Motorola launched its square mobile phone aimed at youngsters which feats neatly in the palm of your hand or bag. This phone is the latest from Motorola who are having to up their game to keep up with the likes of Sony Ericsson’s range, Dell’s Streak tablet and Samsung’s Galaxy S. This flipout phone runs Google’s Android 2.1 software which enables you to download Android mobile apps and integrate MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Gmail seamlessly, clever! What we like most about it though, is that for those of us who still can’t get our heads round/don’t want to adjust to the touch screen just yet, this nifty phone has a fold out full five-line Qwerty keyboard…

Author: Charlotte Ja Brown