The Average Cost For a Modular Home – What They’re Not Telling You

Ever wondered why modular homes manage to generate the hype and hoopla generally associated with the release of a more advanced version of the Apple iPhone? If you believe that it’s the jaw-dropping, earth shattering average cost for a modular home, you have more or less hit bull’s eye. The average cost per square foot works out to be around $28. Now contrast this with the average cost per square foot for a stick-built home of the same dimensions, that’s about $60, and you know who walks away with the honors in this calculus.

There are more figures that can send your imagination soaring. A single section home with a modest 1000 square feet of living area will drain your bank account by $24,000, while a double section home with an impressive 1,600 square feet of space comes with a price tag of about $43,000.

But before you let these stunning figures envelope you in euphoria, make sure you read between the lines. To put things in a nursery way, there are a plethora of factors that have a profound influence on the price of modular homes.

Consider Them Earnestly

Before you make snap judgments about the average cost, here are some important aspects that you just cannot afford to gloss over:

  • First, is it a spanking new home or something that has been occupied before?
  • What’s the location like? Is it a mobile park or a plot of land? In case it happens to be the latter, are you the proud owner, or do you shell out a hefty rent for the same?
  • The dimensions too matter. Is it a single wide, double wide or a full modular home?
  • And the state that the house is located in also has more than just a token import on its final selling price.

So before you go into raptures on seeing the price, make sure you consider each of these aspects carefully.

Author: Krishna Charanadasa