The Web Development Company of the Future

As the Internet is rapidly changing, it’s difficult for many Web development companies and solution providers to stay abreast of all the latest industry developments and as more advanced technology becomes readily available, companies desire more for their website. Businesses no longer want a static website, they are in need of a more dynamic, customizable and interactive site for their business.

With the birth of content management, blogs, RSS, content distribution, social networking communities and interactive websites, the Internet is no longer a place for companies to display a website for information purposes only. The Internet has matured into a resource for companies to interact, communicate, share information and build an online existence that exceeds the offline companies of the past.

To see how this has all developed, let’s take a brief look at the Web industry just a few years ago. Back in the year 2000, the Internet was a place for companies to have a presence on the Web; a presence that was primarily used for informational purposes. Because of the simplicity of the Internet back then, any company could easily find success in obtaining a Web designer or developer to create a website for their business that met their expectations.

That was then and this is now…

Much has changed since the year 2000.

Over the past several years, the Internet has exploded and brought on a totally new idea and acceptance to use the Internet in hundreds of new and exciting ways. Now companies are interested in managing their website on their own, providing online networking communities for their members, pulling RSS feeds from other sites, distributing their products and content to various places on the Internet, integrating e-commerce, and receiving search engine optimization and e-marketing services to help promote and brand their company online. The Internet is no longer only a place to provide information, but also a place to create brand awareness, streamline internal business processes and increase sales, all at the same time.

As these changes are occurring before our very eyes, many outdated Web development companies lack the knowledge and experience to offer these services to their clients and unfortunately many of them are simply fading away. There is a positive light at the end of the tunnel however; with the loss of these older companies there is a new breed of Web Company that is beginning to emerge. These are the Web solution providers that have the comprehension and skills to provide these services, offering a promising future that will drive the development of the Internet for the years ahead.

Because of the vast potential in the Internet today, companies should no longer be seeking a company that is just focused in design or static Web development. Companies need to consider the possibilities and seek a Web provider that can not only design and develop a website with true precision but one who is specialized at providing such additional services as content management, e-commerce integration, RSS content distribution, search engine optimization, e-marketing services and the development of custom applications such as blogs, newsletter systems, online payment solutions and any other Web application that may be desired to help simplify their business.

As this is obviously the Web development company of the future, many companies are finding it difficult to locate a provider who is basically their one-stop-shop for all their e-business and e-marketing needs. The future of the Internet is unimaginable; however, the future Web development company cannot be. They must and will be the company who can not only design, develop and maintain a website of high caliber but a company who can also customize, distribute and market their clients into the future. These are the only types of providers who will survive in this rapidly changing Internet world.

Author: Daryl H. Bryant