Top 10 Best Business iPad Apps For Sales

While well known as the ultimate gadget for browsing, email, and even movies from almost anywhere, the iPad is collecting reputation as a great device for business and especially sales. The applications it provides combined with the “Apple Cool Factor” and the ability to connect from anywhere help the sales person access their business files and documents or make business presentations quickly and easily while traveling. Here are some Top 10 Best Business iPad Apps for Sales:

  1. Go to meeting– This free application for the iPad by which one can attend online meeting easily. The high quality camera of iPad helps you to have video chat. By this application user can see presentation, reports, slideshows etc. whatever presenter wants to see or share. It’s really a great application for the traveling sales team.
  2. Billing with time master– time management and tracking, especially billable hours is critical. This app will help in both respects. The quick “punch in and punch out” feature can be a huge time saver and can lead to some eye-opening stats after just a week of consistent use.
  3. WSJ– it is really a pain to carry newspapers or journals on the go. For the person whose job depends on a daily dose of the WSJ, this is a must have iPad application.
  4. Files2HD– This file viewer app allows the download files, like presentations to the iPad for review on the go. The file formats supported like Microsoft office, safari archives, pdf files, Google and plain text documents, pictures of all formats and even movies are supported by Files2 HD. At $3.99, how can you go wrong?
  5. Pages– This favorite Apple word processing app is the answer for people who want to use the iPad to create and edit documents using the iPad and its onboard keypad in landscape or portrait mode.
  6. Keynote– This is the application you will want to create detailed presentations on iPad for business slideshows, sales presentations, real-estate brochures, etc. You can add pictures, text, charts, tables, photos, videos and more to make a comprehensive presentation which will give a wow effect to your audience.
  7. Mariner calc – This is the answer for spreadsheets on the iPad. The app has been around for some twenty years in the Mac world and was released on the iPhone in 2009 (which is nice if you have both units). There are 140+ built in functions; 24 math, 18 finance, 13 statistics and all that you would expect from a spreadsheet application.
  8. Print central– You can print out the file that you have created in iPad by using print central which which will handle nearly any type of document to any Wi-Fi printer. It also works as a mini office center where you can store email, document file, etc. for later review and printing.
  9. Bento– Project Management comes to the iPad with Bento. You can track projects, plan meetings and much more by this application. It has 25 inbuilt templates like customers, billing, Inventory, digital media and much to organize them well. Current price is about $4.99.
  10. Sugar Sync– this app helps keep files and documents in sync across multiple computers and devices.

So these are the Top 10 Best Business iPad Apps for Sales which can be very useful for business. New update and brand new application are brought to market at an alarming rate. One way to check for new or competing products is to Google the ones above. For example “better than Sugar Sync” or “compare to Sugar Sync”.

Author: Walter Rand