Top 3 Free World of Warcraft iPhone Apps

World of Warcraft fans aren’t limited to their gaming machines when they want to access their character information, guilds or look up commands. And although never truly leaving World of Warcraft may be bad for some WoW addicts, having portable and on-demand WoW information will be helpful to many WoW gamers on the go.

1. World of Warcraft Mobile Armory

Blizzard offers a great official companion app – World of Warcraft Mobile Armory – that allows access to the World of Warcraft servers. Players can look up stats, armor and weapons that are on their characters. A built-in talent calculator links to each of your characters. Press the Calculate button while viewing your character’s current talent points and play with the possibilities (without making any in-game changes). This feature is very well done.

Another great feature allows you to check information about items, including peeking in on what drops from various boss mobs in raids and dungeons. It’s nice drooling over The Soulblade (dropped by Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas), even knowing that your chance of getting it is pretty low (15% to 24% drop rate).

For those that enjoy Darkmoon Faire or Brewfest, a calendar with various Azeroth events lets you know when they are coming. It would be nice if you could click the event for more details other than date and time, but it’s still better than not having the information.

2. WoW Companion

The WoW Companion app is a basic /command reference. For the most part nothing fancy. You will find an array of chat, guild, party/raid, pet, and emote commands. Basically a cheat-sheet on your iPhone. One thing that does make the WoW Companion better than a simple cheat-sheet is the macros offered for each class. It doesn’t publish a huge list of macros for each class, but it does help you learn how to do some more complicated macros. For example, they’ll show you a Warlock fear macro that will focus and fear a mob in one click, and then reset focus and fear if the targeted mob dies. This one macro has saved me a ton of time, clicks and deaths.

3. WoW Fishing

While the other two apps are very utilitarian, WoW Fishing takes a fun immersion approach to the game. WoW Fishing turns your iPhone into a Wii remote and allows you to fish in World of Warcraft from your phone. To cast the line you flick your wrist forward – hopefully, not throwing your iPhone across the room. Then you move the cursor with the iPhone acting as a touchpad, and pull up at your wrist to hook the fish.

To use the app, you will need to download some software to your WoW-playing PC to connect to the game. The authors say their app doesn’t automate anything — it merely allows your iPhone to act like a keyboard and mouse.

But if you’re interested, you may want to download this app quickly. I’ve read articles that indicate this app may be pulled because Blizzard doesn’t approve (something that happened with WarcraftStat, which showed the server status and population level for each server).

Author: Owen Jayne