Trends That a Web Development Company Should Be Looking For!

Web development is a very broad term. It has been around since so long and has seen so many changes, that it is difficult to predict what the future holds for this field of work. Well, technology changes very fast and adopting new technology rapidly is what keeps businesses ahead of the game. It is important that you keep updated information of what technology changes are around the corner and how they will impact your existing environment. Businesses must understand the basic technology and how it is implemented in order to make the right business decisions for themselves.

Here are a few Web development trends that will capture this industry in the near future. Web development today, is not mere creation of a website. It includes all the features that help in providing customers with seamless experiences across all their gadgets and wearables. Websites need to render well on all of them and offer a great viewing and browsing experience. Technology of the future will definitely target all the possible electronic gadgets and provide users with excellent web experiences.

Motion UI

Implementing strong visual feedbacks using motion UI is a trend to watch out for. Well, Google’s Material Design is also catching up and we will see a lot more of it in the coming years.

Challenges in Responsive Designs

Responsive is the way to go. If your web development project does not include a responsive design, you might as well not develop a website at all! It’s becoming more of a mandate rather than a good to have option. Mobiles are becoming the center of all internet access, and if you decide to develop a website, it must work well on a mobile phone! New challenges in responsive are – wearables! With Google’s Glass and Apple’s watch already launched, many more technology providers will soon be in the race. The idea is – size and shape of the device should not matter. Rendering your website perfectly on all the devices should be the aim.

Foundations For Apps

App templates are now becoming more and more popular because they offer ready java scripts and a solid foundation to create apps as well as customize them. So along with website development, venturing into the apps area will be a great way to go!

Single Page Applications

We will definitely see a steady rise in popularity for single page web applications. Single page apps provide all information in one place and provide a great browsing experience to website visitors (potential clients or customers).

Over all, there will be cross compatibility with all browsing, whether on a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or a wearable gadget. Web development for the future looks promising!

Author: Bhatt Digant