User Acquisition – How to Get More Users to Your App

Even though mobile apps have been around for just seven years, they are among the most successful and the most competitive products in today’s software market. Statistics show that there are more than 1.2 million at the Apple App store and over 1.3 million at Google Play. How do you become competitive in this market? Here are some essential tips which will help you to gain more users to the application which you have created.

Provide perfect customer experience

You have to ensure that users will get maximum value from your application. You have to present its functions and features in detail. You have to provide a complete set of instructions for its use. It is equally important to give answers to the most frequently asked questions. Since the app store space for product description is limited, you should definitely create a website for your application where you can provide the full information which users require. You have to ensure that you offer reliable customer support. All contact details must be present on both the store presentation page and the product’s website.

Focus on target marketing

You have to define your target audience before you begin marketing your application. Factors like age, gender, occupation, education and interests are of great importance for defining both the style of your campaign and the tools and platforms which you will use for marketing. You should not miss to check what the competition is doing so that you can come up with better means for capturing the attention and the hearts of prospect customers.

Use app store optimization

This new method known as ASO for short involves optimizing the app store page of the product so that more prospects can find it through searches at the store. It involves selection of keywords and the optimization of the page’s content with them. ASO also focuses on other factors which work to boost the product’s search ranking including positive reviews, icons and screenshots. You have to ensure that you will use techniques for boosting positive feedback plus attractive graphic images of high quality.

Apply a promotional strategy

This technique is particularly effective at the time of introducing the application. You can offer a free trail and/or have special promotional codes which provide discount for a limited period of time. You can readily gain more benefits than one from the use of these techniques. For instance, users who take advantage of these offerings can be asked to provide feedback on their experience. Those who have given positive feedback can be requested to write reviews at the product’s app store page.

Use social media marketing

It works effectively for all products marketed online and the mobile apps are no exception. You should definitely add a blog to the product’s website and share informative and interesting posts regularly, preferably daily. The posts should be on topics which are important for your target audience. You must not use them for direct advertising. You can readily share product news in press releases. You should definitely get active on app users forums and share your blog posts there.

You must also get presence on the social networks. Choose the ones which are most useful for your product. If you have created an Android application, for instance, you will benefit from using the Google Play store’s plug-in for creating a Google+ profile directly.

Measure performance correctly

While measurements like traffic to the product’s page at the app store and the number of downloads are fundamental, you should also use more detailed ones. The number of active monthly users helps to show the true value of your product and provides valuable insight into its future. The average revenue per user is among the major financial measures to use.

Focus on ongoing app development

If you want to keep getting more application users over time, you have to provide more than simple technical updates. You should add new content and functionalities on a regular basis. Integration with other software and with devices and media is a major new trend to consider. It is important for users to keep getting ever more from the product. Otherwise, they can easily switch to competitors.

Get to work so that you can gain more app users now and in the long term.

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Author: Shimon Chohen