Web Design Guidelines for Exceptional Results

To create impressive websites, keep the following guidelines in mind.

There is beauty in simplicity.

A page with too many links and images can confuse visitors. With all the clutter, they may get frustrated in finding what they are looking for. Make your website easier to use by keeping it simple.

Design is paramount.

As the saying goes, first impression lasts. This is not only true when meeting people for the first time, but when creating a website as well. Its overall look should be impressive for the visitors to take notice.

Make navigation intuitive.

Visitors can get easily frustrated when they cannot find the content that they need. So, your website should have a top-down design that organizes pages in order for visitors to easily navigate from one section to another.

Consistency is fundamental.

Visitors should not find it hard to open new pages on your site, just like when they are visiting new websites. So, maintain consistency among your pages to make navigation effortless.

Color choice is crucial.

The choice of colors can either break or make any website. Some websites are too plain, while others are not attractive at all with their poor color selection. Therefore, make sure to choose colors that blend well and complement your theme and text.

Websites should be responsive.

People may use different devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, when visiting your website. So, your website should look good on all sizes of screens. To make your website more responsive, it is best to use CSS media queries.

Create a website designed for multiple browsers.

Your website should appear correctly on all kinds of browsers. However, they do not render webpages in the same way. So it is best to check how your website looks on different browsers. This way, you can prevent receiving complaints from the visitors way ahead of time.

Check any errors on your website.

Any professional editor will say that even a great piece can be marred by a very slight error. The same is true with your website. Therefore, webmasters should make sure that there are no typographical errors, broken links and images that won’t load.

Have your own code.

It is best to write your own code, whether it is HTML or PHP, and not to build your website using pre-written scripts or templates. This way, you will not be left in the dark when anything goes wrong. Having a code for your pages will allow you to manage how they look.

Content is crucial.

A website may be beautifully designed but without great content, it is just like an empty shell. When creating a website, make sure that you do not only have an impressive design, but also pages with original, relative content, so they will be worth visiting.

Author: Karina Popa