Web Design Series – Mobile Web Design

Mobile web design seeks strategic approach from the designer and developer’s perspective, taking unique situations and challenges into account.

The most intriguing features of mobile web design are scaled down options. For instance, the mobile home page comprises just ten simple links and headlines, which includes few basic navigation options and log-in links.

Simplicity is the key for mobile websites, which is refreshing in an era of crowded pages. Some mobile sites with low screen space access the most crucial aspects of web design, with little online assistance. Many mobile web designs contain huge range of online options and are highly flexible to user actions, which make them highly usable.

Availability of White Space

The most important aspect of any mobile web design is the availability of white space. This is something of a challenge as there is always a desire to give the best to the user. However, small screen size makes white space more of a necessity.

Jumbled websites are very difficult and user-friendly to pull off in a mobile device. When you browse through gallery websites, you find several websites involving ample helpful and easy-to-use white space.

Screen size makes the content harder to read and the images difficult to see. These are the main reasons why it is common to observe minimal use of images in mobile design.

Use of Sub-Domain Over Mobi – Domains

While few websites use.mobi for their websites’ mobile version, it is more common to observe firms using separate folder or sub-domain on primary domain.

When a firm arrives at this decision, it considers multiple issues. However, one of the major benefits of sub-domain use is that it maintains everything in single domains, rather than confuse potential visitors and spread out things.

Mobile web design is currently in evolving stages, with added features and software to cater to increasingly demanding users.

Author: Kathy Mercado