Web Design Trends You Should Know In 2015 (Part II)

Following is a list of web design trends you need to look forward in 2015.

– Card Design Will Get Better

Card design has proved to be an excellent tool for web designers working on responsive sites. Cards are an exceptional way to browse a lot of general data, rearranging columns without things getting disorganized or sloppy, to keep things modular, and it prompts users to scroll down to see more. You can also say that cards are clean, simple and offer a lot of versatility. This is exactly what a website needs, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in 2015.

– The Rise of Flat Design/Material Design

Flat design has gained a load of speed in 2013 and 2014 and it seems that it will stay in power in 2015 also. There’s a chance that flat design is growing up into material design. You might wonder what material design is. It’s something unveiled by Google in 2014 as its new direction for mobile.

While speaking about Material Design, Google seems to mean that it is a mostly flat design using layering, subtle gradients, and animation to keep a sense of the real world (objects and physical space) and still managing to achieve all the advantages of flat design. You might disagree with this point, but with present trends it seems that flat design is headed in this direction.

– Microinteractions

After material design, Microinteractions are a good trend to discuss. Microinteractions are contained moments or experiences within a product that spin around a single use case. For example, it is the email signup box that pops up on a website. It jiggles back and forth on the screen, providing an amazing personality to a static graphic. This results in increasing user engagement which might mean more email signups.

– Interactive Storytelling

Every brand is made up of various concepts or values such as creativity, elegance, simplicity, etc. From page layout, to web copy, to font choice and microinteractive page elements are tools which can help you in narrating your story. In months to come, you might see more pleasant uses of this technique.

– Personalized UX

You may not find this as a new idea of using cookies to display more relevant and appropriate content to repeat visitors. However, just like popup which were considered as spam made an excellent return with much better design, similarly using cookies to display specific content to regular visitors is much more than spam and flagrant up-selling.

Author: Barnes M.