Web Designer – How To Get Into This Exciting Field

Being a professional web designer offers many exciting opportunities and financial rewards. Just consider the fact that more Internet users are logging on to the information superhighway daily and that more people want to utilize the Internet to get their message out. The answer is obvious — there’s going to be a huge demand for web designers.

To start with, you do not need any formal education or training qualifications to get into this business. However, it’s obviously very helpful in establishing credibility with certain clients. Additionally, completing your formal education also offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and build your portfolio at the same time — the work you do in school can be used as examples of your work to potential clients.

Either way, you must educate yourself on the basics of good design. Whether this is done in a formal classroom setting, or through intense study on your own from books, it’s obvious that you need to become fluent in coding language, when it comes to building a website. But, that’s not the only thing you need to learn.

Once you learn the technical aspect of web design, next comes the business side of it. For many freelancers, most of their time is spent prospecting for new clients, instead of actually working on projects. If you don’t know how to market your skills and attract customers, then it doesn’t matter how good you are.

If you feel like you cannot make it as a freelancer, but are a very good web designer, you can work for a firm. While you probably won’t have the opportunity to make as much money, you will be guaranteed work, and don’t have to deal with the hassles involved with running a business.

One of the best ways to learn is to find a good mentor. A mentor can teach you about the different aspects of the Web business that you aren’t likely to find in a classroom setting or from reading in a book.

In conclusion, it’s a great time to become a web designer. Whether you decide to educate yourself formally, or informally, you must be familiar with the various aspects of this. Then, you must make a career choice on whether you want to be a freelancer or if you want to work for a firm.

Author: Steven P. Ross