Web Designers – 10 Questions to Ask a Web Designer

Working with a web designer does not have to be daunting if you know the right questions to ask. Since you’re the client, you should be free to ask any questions about your concerns. Your designer should accommodate you and try his or her best to answer your questions. The following are ten questions you should ask before you put your signature on a contract.

1. Do you design websites to meet web standards? Professional web designers know that the trend is moving towards web standards. You should look for designers who assure you that they make valid XHTML and CSS codes.

2. What payment scheme do you require? This is a basic question to ask whenever working on any project. Never pay the entire amount of the project upfront. This will not protect you if the designer doesn’t deliver. Most web designers require a retainer fee upon sign up. Full payment comes after project is finished.

3. How long have you been a web designer? While you cannot discount that there are talented new designers, you will be better off with someone who has a proven track record of designing successful web sites.

4. Do you have an online portfolio or clients I can interview? You should choose professional web designers who can readily provide you with contact details of satisfied clients. Survey the work the web designer has done in the past to see if these are to your liking.

5. Can I update the information on my website easily? Steer clear of someone whose answer to this question is “no.” A designer who has your best interest at heart will make it easy for you to edit the content in your website.

6. How do you update your knowledge about search engine optimization? Make sure that your web designer’s knowledge is not obsolete. They should weekly update themselves with online resources about the latest trends in SEO.

7. How do you design your layouts? Today’s standards include CSS for web design and XHTML for semantic descriptions.

8. Do you use templates purchased online? The answer to this question should always be a resounding “no.” Tweaking the code for these premade online templates is impossible, and you’ll risk having your website look like somebody else’s.

9. How do you host websites? Expert designers usually have a dedicated server to assist them in developing applications. Web designers also host web sites using a shared hosting account or a Virtual Private Server. For your security, opt for dedicated server or at least a Virtual Private Server.

10. Can you give me ideas on how to advertise my web site? This is the reason why you should choose web designers who have been around in web development for some time because they also have ideas on how to market your website.

These questions should always be asked when you’re searching for the best web designer. You should be comfortable with all the answers or else, you’ll risk working with someone who will not make your foray into online business a success.

Author: Greg Cesar